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  1. Leopold- Reply


    The problem is not your name server pointing to Cloudflare but that you are trying to connect with FTP to the IP address of the Cloudflare endpoint instead to your own server.

    To protect you website Cloudflare takes over the hostname and points it to their own servers. This is done by setting up Cloudflare as the name server. But Cloudflare only handles HTTP/HTTPS and no FTP connections. Thus you either need to explicitly use the IP address instead of the hostname when connecting to your FTP server or you have to use a different hostname (like ftp.example.com) and advice Cloudflare to provide the original IP address for this name.

    See also Using FTP with CloudFlare (Cloudflare support).

  2. Loren- Reply


    In FileZilla Host name change to your IP adress. For example: ourswebsite.com ->

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