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gcloud - Managed VM JDO Datastore

I am trying to migrate an AppEngine project to MVM, custom runtime environment.

I faced an issue with Memcache, which was solved by replacing:

CacheManager.getInstance().getCacheFactory().createCache ...


new XMemcachedClient(

(BTW, if anyone is having same issues, then maven for XMemcached is:)


I am now facing an issue with DataStore JDO and PersistenceManager (using DataNucleus in the project).

Basically, I am looking to replace this:

JDOHelper.getPersistenceManagerFactory("xxx").getPersistenceManager() ...

with ?...

Are there any "magic" environment variables I can use for composing the address (like the MEMCACHE_PORT_11211_TCP_ADDR and MEMCACHE_PORT_11211_TCP_PORT is the case of Memcache)? Any other means I can communicate the datasource with (from a MVM project)?

Thanks in advance,


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