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Openshift 3 SSH

In the OpenShift 2 I was able to just add my public key to the authorized keys set and do a simple ssh to my server. Now I am trying to migrate my app and just doing some test with simple deployment and ssh doesn't work. I would like to have ssh access to check what is wrong. But it seems ssh changed here - I cant find the info about where can I add a key or the info how to ssh (both of these infos were visible on OpenShift 2)

Is that possible or they closed possibility to do a simple ssh to them?

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  1. Lawrence- Reply


    Instead of using ssh, you need to use the oc rsh command to connect to the pod running the application you want to access. You can also use a terminal in the web console by going to the pod for the application. Both provide an iteractive shell prompt. If want to execute a command only, you can also use oc exec.

    Is there a specific task you are trying to do which you think requires ssh rather than oc rsh or oc exec?

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