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ssh - Use libraries installed in Windows from WSL - Ubuntu

I am using WSL - Ubuntu 16.04 in a Windows 10 computer.
I already got R and Rstudio installed on the main Windows 10 system.
Therefore, I was wondering if

  1. it is possible to tell Ubuntu to use the R installed in windows?
  2. does it make sense or it is too much complication compared to the easy way of just installing "another" R inside the Ubuntu distro?

My final aim is to submit simple scripts via ssh, and to my eyes, this is simpler from a UNIX environment than from Windows.

2 Answers

  1. James- Reply


    In Windows version 1709 WSL can execute Windows .exe files.

  2. Jason- Reply


    I have one update to my previous comments. Microsoft says that Windows programs can access WSL files in 2019. This feature is not yet available in my Windows version 1903 OS build 18362.86.

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