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unix - How to close a tmux session

I am using tmux to manage multiple terminal windows. Currently I have 2 windows open with multiple panes. I know that I have to use the prefix (for me it is ctrl+a) to enter commands.

How can I close the session from inside of tmux? What command would close the session (all windows and panes) and tmux at the same time?

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  1. Gabriel- Reply


    Press your prefix (e.g. Ctrl+A or B, which is the default) and then : and type kill-session, then hit Enter. This will, as the name of the command suggests, kill the session.

  2. Gavin- Reply


    If you want to close session other than the current session (and hence keep tmux running; closing the current session as in @0xC0000022L's answer, also closes tmux even if other sessions are available), do the following in one of the tmux windows:

    # tmux ls
    keepMe: 1 windows (created Wed Jun 24 14:20:15 2015) [171x41]
    otherSession: 1 windows (created Wed Jun 24 14:22:01 2015) [171x41]
    3: 1 windows (created Wed Jun 24 14:23:28 2015) [171x41]
    (assuming here that you're on keepMe session)
    # tmux kill-session -t otherSession
    # tmux kill-session -t 3

    This deletes the "otherSession" or session number 3, and leaves tmux running, assuming you didn't have "otherSession" or number 3 session selected when you deleted them.

  3. George- Reply


    TMUX Prefix (e.g. ctrl+b) + :kill-session


    tmux kill-session (could run either from the inside of a session or the outside)

    Both styles of invocation can use the flags:

    -t target-session destroys the given session
    -a destroys all sessions but the given one or the one you are attached to

    Running kill-session from the outside of TMUX kills the last session you were attached to. -a inverts that.

    In the event, that you have more than one session running you could kill all sessions at once with: kill-server.

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