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Shortcut key for Preview on Windows 8.1

Coming from OS X to Windows 8.1 I miss QuickLook. I noticed that in the right click menu in Explorer there's a Preview item for some file types, such as images. Is there a shortcut key to invoke this function, so I don't have to reach for the mouse and click twice each time? Is there a different built-in way to get a simple practical alternative to OS X's QuickLook?

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  1. Brian- Reply


    Enter will open the selected item with the default program. If its an image, it will be opened with your image editor/viewer.

    Alternatively, you can enable the preview pane on the right, which means that every file that is an image is shown there.

    There's an icon in the toolbar you can click to activate the preview pane, but ALT+P also activates it.

    Another option is to use different icons (medium icons and up). Then the thumpnail of the icon will become a little preview.

    Rightclick -> View -> choose the one you want.

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