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laptop - MSI GE70 2PE Apache pro - memory upgrade

I need to upgrade the laptop to 32GB, 16GB 1 piece. It has only 2 slots.

at present the memory specification is below:

i wannna purchase crucial 32gb, and the specification is below

As a laymen, i think their pins are identical. both 204 pins, DDR3L, CL11 and non-ecc ram (both are not for server).

am i missing something ? can upgrade ? thanks

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  1. Brant- Reply


    No, you can't put SO-DIMM 32GB in your laptop cause it only allows 16GB Maximum as the MSI specifications is telling us: DDR3L up to 16GB x 2 DIMMs

    Here is the RAM you can easily put on your computer, I can let you choose from there.

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