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  1. Ben- Reply


    From the Putty FAQ:

    To run a PuTTY session saved under the name ‘mysession’, create a Windows shortcut that invokes PuTTY with a command line like \path\name\to\putty.exe -load "mysession"


    In Windows 7, the shortcut has to be in quotes like this:

    "\path\name\to\putty.exe" -load "mysession"

  2. Benson- Reply


    I had referred to Putty Connection Manager as a useful addon, giving one click connects and tabbed windows, but it seems the app is dead and all the files removed from the hosting site.

    While checking into this, I found a fork of the project, called superputty (see below) and a reference to KiTTY - a Win32 native version of PuTTY with extra features so here you go:



  3. Bill- Reply


    PuttyTray is an alternative where you get sessions in the Windows quickjump list if you pin it to the taskbar. Mine is pinned at position 9, so I type Win+Alt+9 to show list of sessions and arrow key to select, then enter to launch.

    It also has a bunch of other nice to have features.

  4. Bob- Reply


    In windows use this target for putty shortcut for save username and password and also load a saved session: "C:\Program Files\PuTTY\putty.exe" -load "your_saved_session" "username@your_server_address" -pw "your_password"

    1. right click on putty shortcut
    2. fill out "target" field of shortcut using above code (alter to your own properties).
    3. click save button.

    After that when you click on PuTTy shortcut it loads your session automatically using given username and password.

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