xtragrid - How to add to the GRidViewColumnMenu Color und Font Editors

I use Xtragrid. I would like to change the default popupmenu columnmenu GridViewColumnMenu and add ColorPieker and FontEditor to change color of cells in the Column and font of the column. Add to the standard menu column two editors have failed. More precisely, the menu items were added, but by clicking on them, nothing happens.I also tried to add all of the standard menu items to menu with the editors, and display it all in barmanager. In this case, working as editor of color and font selection, but the standard menu(GridViewColumnMenu) items...Read more

xtragrid binded to entity framework

my working environment is C#, Visual Studio 12, entity framework 5 DBContext, SQL Server 2008R2.the generated entities sets are generated as Hash sets. xtraGrid.DataSource = _order.OrderLines;when I type data in the new row, data disappears when focus lost.With using older entity framework, this logic was working.What type should I choose for my entity set in order to solve my problem.Thanks....Read more

how to get xtragrid focused cell's entity property

I want to get xtragrid focused cell entity property. Because of this :I'm trying to get, focused cell isnull property, for this i need to get focused cell entitypropertyI tried to get object like (EdmScalarPropertyAttribute)gird.focusedrowvalue, but i got null value exceptionHow can i do this ?Thanks...Read more