wordcount - How many words do visual novels contain on average per hour of gameplay?

I've seen a few visual novels on Steam and Kickstarter that mentioned how many words they already contain and what they are planning for the final amount. The problem is: I have no idea how those numbers compare to other games. As I am currently doing some research about the creation process of visual novels as a sort of "hobby indie developer" I'd like to know more about the rough statistics of visual novels and how to compare them to each other. Therefore I would like to know how many words a visual novel contains on average. As there are rea...Read more

wordcount - Ideal blog post size and frequency

Especially when you consider pro-blogging, or blogging with a definite aim and niche, what is the ideal word count to stick around for your average article, and how often is it a good compromise to blog, as to keep your audience coming for more but not overwhelm them? Are there days in a week better to publish posts, and is it really important to stick always to the same weekdays?...Read more

wordcount - What is a normal length for a chapter?

I've always had trouble determining whether my chapters are within the same size realm as chapters in standard books. Since it isn't exactly feasible to count the number of words in a chapter of published work, I've always just guessed.Recently, my chapters have been between 3000-5000 words. How does this compare to chapters in published novels?...Read more

wordcount - Word count using "Times New Roman"

Two different "authorities" produce widely different word counts - which is correct?I am using "Times New Roman" with 1 inch margins.One authority "says" one word equals 6 characters. Since each line has 96 characters, this approach yields 16 words per line. 16 times 25 lines equals 400 words per pageOther authority "says" use 10 words per lines. This approach yields 250 words per page.They cannot both be correct....Read more

wordcount - How long is a single-title romance novel supposed to be?

My friend is a literary agent who mostly works with YA novels, but she told me recently that I should aim for about 75,000 words for my book, which I'm currently speccing out as a romance novel or maybe chick-lit, depending on how the genre-bending shakes out. (Her numbers are 250 words per page, and about 250 pages.) However, going by the books I've enjoyed most, single-title romances tend to be 350 words per page and 350-375 pages. This comes out to over 100,000 words per book!I know category romances (Harlequins, Mills & Boon books) are ...Read more

wordcount - How many words/hour should you aim for when writing your first draft?

A couple of axioms here. Firstly, most people agree that you should write your first draft quickly, without too much care on quality, and get something down on paper first. The real writing begins with the second draft. This is the approach that most writing books try to teach, and I'm taking this as a given for this question.Secondly writing is more than just typing (no matter what Truman Capote says), so there has to be some level of thought into the first draft. I'm no professional typist, but I can at least manage 40wpm when copy-typing...Read more

wordcount - How do I overcome a lack of motivation to write at home?

Late October I decided to take the plunge and attempt NaNoWriMo. I haven't done much writing in some time and thought it would be a fun attempt to jump back into things. So far it's been pretty fun getting back into writing about something I hashed together from a weird dream.But I'm also woefully under the NaNoWriMo average at 8111 words. Most of my writing happens during my train commutes to and from work via train. I've averaged to about 400ish words a day, which wont get me anywhere near 50,000 in time.My problem is that as soon as I get ho...Read more

wordcount - How do you meet a writing quota?

As a parent with a full-time job, I usually have a limited amount of time to write each day. What are some tricks I can try to reach a specific word count in a specific time (e.g. 500 words in an hour).I know I've seen some things like this posted on NaNoWriMo forums, but it seems like those folks tend to offer ideas that increase word count at the expense of quality, like writing out your character's grocery list or having characters mishear one another, requiring them to repeat themselves....Read more