wicket 1.5 - A generic internal error page should be shown when an unexpected exception is thrown in wicket6.x or wicket7.7?

protected void init() { getApplicationSettings().setInternalErrorPage(BnafInternalErrorPage.class); getApplicationSettings().setPageExpiredErrorPage(BnafAccessDeniedErrorPage.class); getApplicationSettings().setAccessDeniedPage(BnafAccessDeniedErrorPage.class); getExceptionSettings().setInternalErrorPage(IExceptionSettings.SHOW_INTERNAL_ERROR_PAGE);In above code i got error at IExceptionSettings....Read more

wicket 1.5 - How to redirect to another page while keeping the original url?

In my Wicket 1.5 web application, I want to redirect to another bookmarkable page, whilst the URL of the originating page should remain.@MountPath(value="page1")public class WebPage1 extends WebPage { public WebPage1() { ... if (!isDisplayable()) { setResponsePage(WebPage2.class); // throw new RestartResponseException(Error404WebPage.class); // throw new RestartResponseAtInterceptPageException(Error404WebPage.class); } } private boolean isDisplayable() { boolean flag = ... ...Read more

Wicket DropDownChoice Integer

I have problem with Wicket DropDownChoice. The DropDownChoice does not show values for Integer.wicket version: 1.5.7DropDownChoice<Integer> rEvalFormVersion = new DropDownChoice<Integer>("evalForm.version", EVAL_FORM_VERSIONS);where EVAL_FORM_VERSIONS is list of versions.For example: In the list are two versions, DropDownChoice is populated by two choices but nothing is shown.Btw: Another data types work good.In the near future we will update Wicket to a new version. Is this problem in Wicket 6 or can I simply just wait for new vers...Read more

Wicket Decorator to Listener when upgrade from 1.5.x to 6.x

I have been requested to upgrade the wicket version from 1.5.9 to 6.14.0 in a web-app.I have found upgrading the (behavior) decorators to listeners very problematic. is replaced with o.a.w.ajax.attributes.IAjaxCallListener.I have succeeded in creating a POC where I upgrade the needed parts almost correctly.In 1.5.9 the element script can be decorated like this (a...Read more

add zero to number in wicket

I have some problem with format number in Wicket. In textfiled with can only put five digit number-(xxxxx) if I put number less than five digit like 10 it can by automatically change format like 00010 with zero .How can I do it?. Thanks for advice....Read more