watering - Areca Palm's leaves are drying. What should I do?

I bought a small areca palm 3 months ago. I noticed some leaves are drying out and dying. The others is drying as well.My palm is indoors in the apartment's lobby. The temperature inside is around 20-25 degree Celsius. The palm is sitting in low sunlight spot. I water it every 4 or 5 days or even a week. I don't use fertilizer, feed or anything else. Could anyone please help me to know what to do to save it?...Read more

watering - Should rain water be allowed to flow directly into greenhouse?

I see a lot of talk about storing rain for later use in a greenhouse... But what about letting the rain flow into the greenhouse instead of storing it?If a small 6'x9' greenhouse has gutters, would there be more harm than good if the gutters somehow diverted water inside? I'm thinking of a pipe or hose that directs water from the gutters and brings it inside and then uses a soak/drip irrigation hose to administer it to the plants....Read more

watering - Euphorbia milii (crown of thorns)

I am pretty new to keeping plants, and I have a Euphorbia Milii as a houseplant now sitting in a terracotta pot. I planted it in cactus soil, and I generally water it well, waiting for the soil to dry out. I test this by poking my finger into the soil a couple of inches. There is about an inch of volcanic gravel at the bottom, and only one drainage hole. The plant is about 10 inches tall, and hasn't grown in the year I've had it. Basically, since I got it, it's been steadily losing leaves. It also doesn't seem to be growing any new ones, and so...Read more

watering - Which way up does capillary matting go?

I have purchased some capillary matting to aid with watering in my greenhouse. It is the first time that I have used such a product and I have a rather novice question as a result. Which way up should I be placing the capillary matting on my surface?The matting in question has a white fence fluffy side and a blue-green mesh like membrane side. The instructions go over the basic setup but do not suggests which way up I should place the matting.This question extends to the tail which is placed in the water reservoir. Should it be placed with the ...Read more