volume shadow service - VShadow.exe for Vista

I need the VShadow or its equivalent for Vista (Business).All the VShadows I am trying are giving errors. I need to use it from Command Prompt.The procedure entry point ClusterGetVolumeNameForVolumeMountPoint could not be located in the dynamic link library RESUTILS.dll."or VSHADOW.EXE 2.2 - Volume Shadow Copy sample clientCopyright (C) 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.(Option: Create shadow copy set)ERROR: COM call "CreateVssBackupComponents(&m_pVssObject)" failed.- Returned HRESULT = 0x80070005- Error text: Access is denied...Read more

volume shadow service - How to implement GetTargetLUNs in vss Hardware provider?

I am implementing VSS Hardware provider for ZFS based iSCSI Target. We have implemented AreLunSupported, precommitsnapshot and commitsnapshot etc functions and till this point it is working fine. But after this it is failing with "VSS_E_NO_SNAPSHOTS_IMPORTED" error in LocateLun method. and I think we are not filling Target LUN information properly.My questions are:How to find serial number of target LUN ? Do I need to mount newly created snapshot and then get the serial number ?Do we need to fill interconnect, storage identifier information als...Read more

volume shadow service - Skip GetTagetLuns, LoacteLuns and FillinLunInfo in VSS HW Provider

I am writing VSS Hardware provider and am able to create snapshot.Accordingly when traced with tracing tools I notice that upto PostCommitSnapshot is all perfect .After PostCommit Snapshot for The Auto Import of Shadow copies GetTagetLuns, LoacteLuns and FillinLunInfo is required but as I am taking snapshot of a volume on some storage so I do not have ample info to provide to GetTargetLuns.If I am continuing with the same LUNinfo provided in the AreLunsSupported it throws BadSourceLun error in GetTargetLuns.If I try to skip this error by commen...Read more