tron legacy - Why was CLU trying to leave the grid and enter the real world?

I've seen Tron Legacy a couple of times now and the thing that bugs me the most, why does CLU want to leave the grid and enter the "real world"?In the grid he has almost god like powers with ability to build the perfect world. But in the real world he would have no "real" super powers and have to do labour(slave labour even) to build the perfect world. I'm trying to comprehend why he would want to do it outside of the grid, surely he's just making things harder on himself.Also the other thing is, the grid is infinite isn't it? If he were to tr...Read more

tron legacy - How did Kevin Flynn not die of malnutrition?

How does Kevin Flynn get all the nutrients a human body needs to survive. We see him eating dinner with Sam and Quorra. Quorra is eating and drinking the same as Sam and Kevin Flynn. And we can assume that Quorra gets the necessary nutrients to survive as a program from these mediums.But, being in a digital world he is still presumably human as we see Sam bleed in the fight between Rinzler....Read more

Did this character drown in Tron Legacy?

Did Tron drown? Is a program capable of drowning?We see Clu and Tron fighting over Light Jet baton and Clu steals it. After that, Tron is seen descending into what looks like water. Is there any information what looked to be water in the program world , that Tron fell to the depths and drowned in the substance? Is there anything that explains what happened?...Read more

tron legacy - How could Alan be paged?

Quite soon in the movie, Alan Bradley tells Sam Flynn that he got paged by Sam's long-lost father Kevin Flynn. But as explained later, the Grid is completely isolated except for a short time (1000 millicycles corresponding to 8 in-Grid hours) after a user entered. Kevin Flynn has been lost much longer than that, so the Grid should have been completely isolated when Alan got paged - so how did it work despite that?...Read more