tfs2008 - TFS: Can a workspace be migrated to another computer?

I have one workspace A with files checked out on computer A. Now I want to continue development on computer B. I copy the files from computer A and creates a new workspace B with mapping to the copied files.Now Visual Studio wont allow me to check in the files since they are already checked out in workspace A.How can I resolve this without having to check in the files first on computer A?...Read more

tfs2008 - Connectiong To TFS 2008 and TFS 2013

Our company is currently using TFS 2008. We installed TFS 2012 on a different windows server and restored all the team projects from the backup (TFS 2008) and then we upgraded to TFS 2013 on that windows server. The url to this new TFS server is also different. When we connect to TFS 2013 using VS 2012 (because we want the developers to UAT the changes), we cannot connect back to TFS 2008 and get this error:...Read more

tfs2008 - TFS and Project portal sync

Just installed TFS 2008. Created a project with portal site.When I create a bug in TFS from Visual Studio I'd like to see that bug in the web portal. And the other way around. When I add a task in the web portal I'd like to see that in Visual Studio.It's as if the web portal is not connected to TFS.I'm using the MSF for Agile Software Development template.I just saw Team System Web Access. That's what I want in addition to the other pages Sharepoint portal provides. For example the Wiki page and calendar view.So one place to see all tasks lists...Read more

tfs2008 - Moving a work item in TFS

Is it possible to move a work item from one project to another inside TFS? I’ve seen a copy option, but no move. Also, if it is possible, what’s the implication for any of the WI history?I found this article from 2008 that seem to say it's not, but I wondered if there'd been any progress since then....Read more

tfs2008 - TFS : Can a shelveset be restored to another location?

I have the following scenario:A user shelves some changes. Time goes by and a new branch of the product is created. Later, it is determined that the shelveset contains code, that we will need in the new branch.By default; Visual Studio can only restore the shelveset changes to the location where they were shelved from. Is it possible to restore my shelveset in the new branch ? I do not want the code to be checked into the original branch, as it would break stuff....Read more

tfs2008 - TFS Integration Platform Migration Issue

I am trying to use TFS Integration Platform to migrate my project A on server 1 to project A on server 2. I have branched code from project B on server 1 to project A on server 1 but I am not moving project B to server 2. Is there any way that I can use a default action for all conflicts to resolve by adding instead of branching on server 2 during the migration? If not, is there anything else I can do to get the code over from initial checkin without moving project B to server 2?Thanks in advance!...Read more

tfs2008 - errors during dotfuscator 4.5 task with TFS Build (Team Build with TFS 2008)

I am invoking dotfuscator task via TFS Build a.k.a Team Build , taken from -=Dotfuscator Task with Team Build =-and receiving the following error:Build FAILED.(AfterCompile target) -> error MSB4061: The "Dotfuscate" task could not be instantiated from the assembly "C:\Program Files\MSBuild\PreEmptive\Dotfuscator\4.0\PreEmptive.Dotfuscator.Tasks.dll". error MSB4061: System.InvalidOperationException: Showing a modal dialog box or form when the application is not running in UserInteractive mode is not a valid operation. Specify the ServiceNotif...Read more

tfs2008 - TFS build 2008 - BuildNumberOverrideTarget DependsOn not executing in correct order for initial build

I've created a tfsbuild.proj file that builds a release version of my solution and in it I have created a custom target for BuildNumberOverrideTarget that handles custom versioning. I store the version number in a file location in TFS and the custom task will get the version number, check out the assemblyinfo.cs files, edit the version details, check in and then increment the version number for the next build.This was all working fine but only if you have let TFS do the very first build before adding the versioning changes to your tfsbuild.proj...Read more

tfs2008 - TFS to TFS Migration Tool - domain issues

A 3rd party has developed some applications for us and has been using MS Team Foundation Server 2008 for their source control. My company has recently setup our TFS 2008 environment and we're trying to migrate the source code from the 3rd party developer TFS to our TFS machine. You first thought was to try the backup and restore method of migration but the only SQL Server we have available is a Standard Edition license and the 3rd party developer's SQL Server they are using for TFS is Enterprise Edition. Which means the backup and restore metho...Read more

tfs2008 - How & where can I setup servers for a learning development project?

Backgroud:I am a board member of the Fox Valley .Net User Group. We are starting a Special Interest Group to do a software project from start to finish. We want to focus on having senior .Net members help junior .Net members learn tools and technologies. We want to learn how to use or better use the following software:Team Foundation Server 2008 - Very Important to LearnMS Build - Very Important to LearnVisual Studio Team Systems 2008 - Very Important to LearnSQL Server 2008 - Somewhat Important to LearnMy Plan:Create different virtual machines...Read more