Syncano "403 You do not have permission to perform this action" while querying DataObject

I'm trying to query DataObjects in a class. I'm using the "Try It" form at the bottom of the Data Object - List documentation, but I get a 403 "You do not have permission to perform this action" response.I'm providing the API Key, Instance Name, and I've tried with a simple query and with no query.I've checked the "other" permissions on the Class, and it's set to "read". So is the "other" permissions on the only DataObject in the Class.I tried it via Javascript to include a userKey like this:var Syncano = require("syncano")var conn = Syncano({ ...Read more

How do I pass in a payload to a Syncano webhook in Node.js?

I'm looking to use a private webhook in Node.js, however I'd like to pass in a few bits of data along with the webhook itself. How would I do this? The code in the docs without any payload looks like so:var Syncano = require('syncano'); //CommonJSvar account = new Syncano({accountKey: "ACCOUNT_KEY"});account.instance('INSTANCE_NAME').webhook('WEBHOOK_NAME').run(callback());Where would I add in my payload to that request?...Read more

What should callbacks look like in Syncano when using Node.js?

Does anyone have an example of what a callback should look like in Node.js for Syncano?I've got an attempt within a CodeBox to retrieve my content within a class called "affirmations" but it doesn't seem to run my callback function. The console.log of "Running" appears, but no other console logs appear... and no errors either?var Syncano = require('syncano');var account = new Syncano({accountKey: 'MYKEY'});console.log("Running");account.instance('bold-rain-5584').class('affirmation').dataobject().list(function(err, res) { console.log("Running ...Read more