I've been told my question is better suited to a forum, but where should I go? - Rol

I asked a question that got closed for not being suited for the Q&A format that RPG.SE uses, and was told that my question would work better on a discussion forum.Where can I find an RPG discussion forum well suited to my question?Guidance for answersThis should be a curated list of directions a question-asker could go, not a collection of forum reviews. To keep answers action-focused, I suggest:Write answers with an eye to redirecting an off-topic question asker. The answers should quickly help someone decide where to take their closed que...Read more

How do I withdraw a (wrong) accepted answer in favor of a right comment of that answer

My answer to a question (Asymptotic expansion of $\sum\limits_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{x^{2n+1}}{n!{\sqrt{n}} }$) was accepted. But it turned out that it was wrong. A comment to my answer later gave the correct result. How can I (1) withdraw my wrong answer and (2) give the author of that comment the chance to submit the comment as an answer and thus get the upvotes and reputation he/she deserves ?...Read more

How to include image or diagrams in this page?

Since I am new to this forum, I have not much idea about framing the questions of right sort to this group? Moreover, I am unable to upload images in this page along with the question text. As I am trying to upload image from Android phone, I am unable to find enough option to include pictures here. Please help me Thanks in advance....Read more

Too Much Spam :(

Recently in GDSE the spam increased a lot; there is company or person who is spamming about keto diet all the time; I flagged and downvoted a lot but isn't there any other way to stop this?...Read more

What are our current policies and guidelines for closing questions?

I can cast close votes and perform close and reopen reviews.What are the current community policies for this and are some rules of thumb that can help me make a decision?This is primarily intended as a resource for close voters to summarise our policies and provide helpful litmus tests to make decisions easier and clearer.Moreover, in the future this should be the basis for all future discussions on what should be closed, i.e., it has priority over previous meta discussions.This is based on the assumption that I correctly captured our current p...Read more

Why did a question become a Community Wiki?

Why did What are common mistakes that you see in "professional" designs? become a community wiki?When I'd originally posted it, I was worried it may be too subjective. After positive initial response I'd removed my "this may be subjective" caveat. After reading about Chameleon Questions, I rethought my edit and rolled it back. After the rollback, it was listed as a Community Wiki.Is this something I did inadvertently? I'm aware questions get CW status after several edits, but I was surprised to see it after 1 edit and 1 rollback.I...Read more

Can't ask any more questions

Can anyone help me here? I have two questions being voted as off topic and too broad by some of the stack members. I have also emailed to stack exchange regarding this issue. But, they've asked me to put up my question here on meta. Can anyone tell me how and when can I start asking my question again. As presently I am not able to ask any question since so many days. I have asked the same members (who've put on my question on hold) to guide me how and when can I start asking my questions again, but I didn't got any reply. I've also edited my qu...Read more

Why do I keep losing "consecutive days visited" on the main site?

I have GDSE in my "visit frequently" bookmarks. I am trying to earn the "Fanatic" badge, for visiting 100 days in a row. I KNOW I have made a point of being on the site every day. But my "consecutive days" keeps resetting; it was up to 70-something and now it's back to one! I was HERE on Friday. What gives? Does the site not register that I showed up unless I click on a question, even if I have the window open for ten minutes?If this needs to be moved to some other SE mega overview site, by all means do so. :)...Read more