shogun - string kernels for GP/SVM regression

I want to solve a small regression problem where the inputs are variable-length strings from a small vocabulary. I'd like to use Gaussian Process regression with some kind of string kernel. (SVM regression also ok.)I see from this page that shogun supports many kinds of string kernels - can someone please provide a high level summary (with references to papers) of how they work?I'd also like to see a worked example (in python), since I've never used shogun before. I found this post on stackoverflow, but it's dated from 2014, and it's not clear ...Read more

Math operators in .sg file of Shogun meta example

The Shogun toolbox saves its meta examples in .sg files written in a meta-language, as described in the docs. Can you provide any resources on the syntax of this meta-language? I suspect that the necessary information lies in the "" and "" files under "examples/meta/generator", but that doesn't help with my particular problem, math operators.What would the correct syntax of the following line be?bool result = ((5/2) > 3)Make currently complains about / and >....Read more

'undefined reference to `shogun::SGRefObject::unref()' when compiling with .so object

I'm getting this error when I try to compile the gaussian kernel test given on the shogun developer page at followed the instructions given in order to produce the .so shogun library at then went to the directory above that containing the shared object library and issued the order "g++ GTest.cpp shogun/ -o a.out" and was given the error that is the topic of this post.I ran through a thread linked on the net (2 link...Read more