authorization - Cloud Foundry API access credentials for Custom Service

I'm developing a custom cloud foundry service for IBM Bluemix. When the service is provisioned by a user, I need my service to call the Cloud Foundry API and retrieve some information about the org for which the service is being provisioned. I see that I can do that by calling an API endpoint such as this one. Where do I get the Authorization token that my service will use to access the CF API? I don't want to use the token for my user account, which is all I seem to have access to....Read more

service - Upstart server killed using -9 or -15 but child processes are still alive

Upstart service is responsible for creating a gearman workers which run in parallel as number of cpus with the help of gnu-parallel. To understand the problem you can read my stackoverflow post which describes how to run workers in parallel. Fork processes indefinetly using gnu-parallel which catch individual exit errors and respawnUpstart service: workon.conf# workondescription "worker load"start on runlevel [2345]stop on runlevel [!2345]respawnscript exec seq 1000000 | parallel -N0 --joblog out.log ./workerend scriptOright. so above service...Read more

service - Fork processes indefinetly using gnu-parallel which catch individual exit errors and respawn

I guess the title gives you this thought. Another duplicate questionWell, let me explain this in detail.Okay, here we go.I am using gearman to handle stack of tasks. I have a gearman client which send this task to workers. To run these task concurrently, there must be more workers to handle a task at a time. Presently, I create workers as per number of cpus. In my case, its 4. So, 4 processes../worker & ./worker & ./worker & ./worker.I have same file running concurrently. But, I don't have their respective PIDs & their exit co...Read more

service - Unable to launch docker daemon

I have downloaded docker and when I try to launch the docker daemon using the command, service docker daemonI am getting the below error message, Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8) utility, e.g. service docker daemon Since the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart jobI am already using service command. But the error message is still pointing me to use "service docker dameon" command, as if I am using a different command...Read more

service - systemd can not import environment variables like $SSH_AUTH_SOCK

I wrote a service file in user space of systemd for starting up emacs daemon. This works quite well. But on startup of emacsclient I let decrypt my diary file. For that I have running gpg-agent. Normally when emacs is started pineentry-gtk pops up and prompts me for my private key password. But started the daemon with systemd the environment variables $SSH_AUTH_SOCKET, $GPG_AGENT_INFO and SSH_AGENT_PID are not known. Therefore no pineentry-gtk pops up. Several approaches to feed systemd from the system arround got stucked. I want to use a dynam...Read more

systemd service start fails: no service.mount unit

I wrote a program (node js, on Raspberry Pi) that I can start manually, but not as a systemd service:pi@blueberry ~ $ systemd --versionsystemd 215+PAM +AUDIT +SELINUX +IMA +SYSVINIT +LIBCRYPTSETUP +GCRYPT +ACL +XZ -SECCOMP -APPARMORpi@blueberry ~ $ sudo systemctl daemon-reloadpi@blueberry ~ $ sudo systemctl start /etc/systemd/system/rfxtrx.serviceFailed to start etc-systemd-system-rfxtrx.service.mount: Unit etc-systemd-system-rfxtrx.service.mount failed to load: No such file or directory.pi@blueberry ~ $ The error message complains that there i...Read more

embedded linux - Starting systemd .service at boot, eth0 not found

I am using systemd to start an executable at boot time on a single board computer (embedded) platform. I want this app to run in headless mode - no logging in - and the user will control the input through a web browser.I am using a TS-7800-V2 which runs Debian.Here is my service (webserver.service) set up (etc/systemd/system):[Unit]Description=Run LWSWS webserver on[Service]Type=simpleExecStart=/libwebsockets/build/bin/lwsws[Install]WantedBy=multi-user.targetI have ena...Read more

service - Where does DTOS as InputModel / ViewModel Fit in Layered Archicture

I'm trying to understand where does InputModel and ViewModels fit at the 4 Layer Architecture.Presentation | Application | Domain | InfrastructureGiven that the Application Layer takes care about exchange data beteween Presentation Layer and Domain Layer, I supposed that, they must live inside this layer, as well the adapter to convert It back to Domain Entity and vice versa.InputModels, also know as Commands, in ASP.NET MVC they can coincide with ViewModels.Makes no sense to me ViewModels inside the Presentation. From the Application Layer I s...Read more

Analysis Services - MDX - Comparing diffrent years data month by month

I am a total beginner with analysis services / performance point and I need some help to create a diagram.I am using the Contoso sample database.I found a tutorial which helped me to create the following diagram:Months on X axis,Sales amount on Y axisand I displayed the data for the years 2008 and 2009So with this diagram I get on X axis the months from January 2008 to December 2009. (I use data from [Date].[Calendar Month])The problem is that I need to compare data of different years month by month.So on the X axis I need to display the month ...Read more

service - MDX Query to return list of customers except customers from previous time periods

I have a trouble writing 2 MDX queries:1) A query that should return all customers (with corresponding sales amount), which have made a purchase in the last 3 finished months (at least 1 purchase in each month), and didn't make any purchase in the months before those 3 months (the starting period is the beginning of the current year)2) A query that should return all customers (with corresponding sales amount), which have NOT made a purchase in the last 3 finished months (no purchase in each month), but made any purchase in the months before tho...Read more

The Datastax cassandra community server 2.1.10 service on local computer started and then stopped

I am trying to configure a two node cluster with cassandra in windows r2 2008So i installed cassandra community version in one server (, then I stopped the service and then edited the configuraton.yaml file in the conf folder.The changes are:cluster_namecommented the num_tokensgave the tokens in initial_token, seeds as,, listen_addresses are their respective ip addresses which are,, rpc_addresses as, endpointsnitch as gossipI also changed the cassandra f...Read more

OSGi Declarative services filter references at runtime

I've been trying some examples with OSGi Declarative Services (among other things, such as Blueprint) on Karaf. The problem I am trying to solve now, is how to get references to certain services at runtime (so annotations and/or XML are not really an option here)I will explain my use case:I am trying to design (so far only in my head, that's why I am still only experimenting with OSGi :) ) a system to control certain automation processes in industry. To communicate with devices, a special set of protocols is being used. To make the components a...Read more

Does OSGI bundle service consumer need to create "stub" of service interface?

I've just got my hands-on with OSGI technology and I've few basic queries. Here is what I've done:Created a HelloWorld interface in a package called "com.mypackage.osgi.bundle.service". This interface exposes a method as : public String sayHello(String arg);Created a HelloWorldImpl class in a package called "com.mypackage.osgi.bundle.service.impl". This class implements the HelloWorld interface and provides an implementaion for sayHello() method.Created a HelloWorldActivator class in a package called "com.mypackage.osgi.bundle.activator". This ...Read more