seatpost - Suggestions for protecting jeans from saddle clamp bolt

I’ve got a bike whose seat post uses the traditional style saddle clamp. It works! The saddle is firmly attached to the bike. Hooray. However. This bike is sort of a “café racer” - I mainly pootle around town on it in street clothes. No padding or spandex here. I got a new saddle, which I love, but due to its shape my jeans are taking a beating in the inseam area: Due to the way I have it adjusted, the bolt that secures the saddle onto the seat post has its ends sticking out past the edge of the saddle. These are catching on my jeans every few ...Read more

seatpost - Adjusting saddle angle on a road bike (drop bars)

I'll preface this by saying that I've been a mountain biker for over a decade, including XC racing for a couple years. I've never had a hard time adjusting the saddle angle (tilt forward or back) on my mountain bikes.Now, I just got my first road bike, and I can't seem to get the angle to feel right. The seatpost is an Icon Graphite series (single bolt adjustment, but has notches as you angle the seat fore and aft). Saddle is a Selle San Marco (Trek 'postal service' design).It seems that at one seat angle, it feels fine when I have my hands on...Read more

saddle - Does anyone make a split seat clamp?

I built an 'Urban Mountain Bike' and I sometimes like to take it off drops. Accordingly, I cut the 'nub' that sticks up above the top tube so that the seat can be removed without a scary open pipe waiting for my sensitive parts.The problem I'm having is in relocating the seat post clamp beneath the top tube. I have cut a vertical I shape under the top tube in the steel frame so that it can collapse into the post. If I remember correctly, it's a 28.6mm OD seatpost with a 31.6mm or so OD (a bit more now with a coat of Herculiner).Right now I'm us...Read more

Can a saddle clamp be upside down on a children's bike?

Generally, when we put a saddle clamp on we put it so the rails are mounted on the "top" side (reference clamp pictured):However in my case I still need to lower a seat by a inch more. Looking at the clamp I could do this:I'm asking this for my kids 16" bike. She fits the bike well, but has a little issue of getting up on the saddle. There appears to be enough space in the saddle to flip the clamp. She is on the petite side at 15kg (and for reference, same model bike, my son was 23kg when he retired it). I do plan on flipping it back over ...Read more

What is the proper way to tighten dual bolt saddle rail clamp to stop rail slippage?

I have a 2018 Specialized Allez, with Titanium 'Hollow Ti' saddle rails. To secure them to the seat post, there are two bolts opposite each other that both clamp down the same upper plate onto the lower plate that hold the rails in place. There is also a marking for 10 newton meters at the top of the seat post. My question is, is there a proper way to secure these bolts? (What I'm bearing in mind is that the upper plate is being affected by two different bolt tensions simultaneously).I have had the saddle slip back during a ride twice now, only...Read more

'Micro adjust' saddle clamp not allowing fine enough adjustment (on SP12 suspension seatpost)

I have an Suntour SP12 seatpost, and the saddle is held on by two clamps on either side. The clamps are splined, but these splines only allow adjustment of around 6-8 degrees which is far too much for me to find a comfortable position.Red circle = side of seat post (with outwards facing splines)Blue circle = inner side of clamp (with inwards facing splines)Green circle = outer side of clamp The outer side of clamp is not splined, it stays in position by wrapping around the saddle rail in combination with the inner clamp. Because this isn't ...Read more

saddle - How do I keep my seat from tilting back?

When I first got this bike, I got the saddle adjusted almost perfectly. Recently it slipped back (so that the nose sticks up). I loosened the bolt under the saddle, tilted the saddle back into the proper position, tightened the bolt up, and within a week the nose had tilted back up. Did the same thing again, but cranked the bolt even tighter; still happened.I noticed that there's visible "scarring" or scraping on the top of the seat tube where the clamp that holds the saddle (not sure the proper term for those pieces) grabs onto the tube.This...Read more

What type of saddle doesn't hurt the pelvic bone?

I have been having issues with my pelvic bone when riding my bike. I have a very good bike, and the saddle is wide, but after riding 10 minutes my pelvic bone kills me to the point that I have to stop riding to rest it. I want to be able to ride more than this but am confused on which saddle to purchase. Some sites tell you to use a narrow seat, and others say a wide seat. What type of saddle should I look for?...Read more

What saddle rail material is the strongest?

I weigh about 120 kilos. Saddle rails bend.I don't care about the weight of the saddle, just how strong the rails are and how comfy it is (I admire but have no desire to emulate people who cycle standing up. I have a bmi over 30, give me some credit for voluntarily cycling 20 miles a day)...Read more

saddle - Is it possible and safe to attach this type of seat to suspension seatpost?

I have a Merida Crossway 20 bike, and want to change its saddle.Now after buying a new one I am not sure it is even possible to mount it. I had forgotten I have a suspension seatpost, but the new saddle seems to use a different type of attachment.Is it even possible, and if it is, then is it reasonably safe to attach this type of saddle to a suspension seatpost?The original seatpost + saddle:The new one:...Read more

saddle - Folding Bike Seat Post Replacement

I have a folding bike (basically this Origin8 model) and the seat/seat post got stolen.I haven't replaced a seat post before, but this is the only replacement post I could find, and I'm not sure what else I need besides a saddle. It doesn't have any sort of mounting apparatus, so I'm not sure what kind of saddle I need or if I'm missing really important hardware. Is there a specific seat I should be looking for or do I need to buy mounting hardware?...Read more

saddle - Seat post slipping down

It looks like my saddle/seatpost is slowly sliding down into the frame, so every 2–3 months I have to move it up by 1–2cm. Yet I tighten the clamp pretty tight, so I can't move the saddle by hand.Is this a common thing? Should I fix something?I weigh about 55kg and cycle on the road, about 50km per week. I try to lift my weight off the saddle over bumps. The bike's a hardtail....Read more