Quadtree object movement

So I need some help brainstorming, from a theoretical standpoint. Right now I have some code that just draws some objects. The objects lie in the leaves of a quadtree. Now as the objects move I want to keep them placed in the correct leaf of the quadtree. Right now I am just reconstructing the quadtree on the objects after I change their position. I was trying to figure out a way to correct the tree without rebuilding it completely. All I can think of is having a bunch of pointers to adjacent leaf nodes. Does anyone have an idea of how to figur...Read more

How To Texture A Quadtree

I am attempting to apply one solid texture to a quadtree but I am having a problem. How my quadtree works is by creating a new mesh each time there is a subdivision. So the tree starts as one mesh, then when it splits its 4 meshes, so on so forth.Now I am trying to apply a consistent texture to quadtree where each split still draws the same texture fully. The pictures below give a good exampleBefore Split:After Split:What I want is the texture to look like the before split picture even after the split. I can't seem to figure out the UV-mapping ...Read more