pidgin - User registration in MongooseIM server

I have tried to register an account from Pidgin chat client to Mongoose Instant Messaging server. But, I would like to confirm whether the account has been registered successfully in the server ? Could any one please let me know, where I can see all the registered account details in the Mongoose Instant Messaging server ?...Read more

How to set Pidgin status from command line?

How can I set/change my status (like Available/Busy/Away) in Pidgin instant messenger from the command line? I needed this to make sure that my status changes to 'Away' whenever I lock my screen. I installed the 'awayonlock' plugin, but it doesn't seem to work with MATE desktop environment....Read more

Pidgin facebook IM protocol line

I spent my last 3hours trying to remove this annoying line from Pidgin facebook IMs.Does anyone know how can I make it disspear?I just want messaging to look clear and compactHere is the image of what I am talking about: more

video chat using pidgin?

Hi i am very new to pidgin.Is it possible to do voice/video chat through talk using pidgin on windows??As in bolgs i found that its possible on linux but nor sure about windows.If its possible please tell me how is it possible.I already installed pidgin on windows but no option for voice/video chat is comming....Read more

Send/receive email using Pidgin (GAIM)?

Can I send and receive email using Pidgin/GAIM? I realize I'll need a special incoming address that "redirects to GAIM" (ie, encodes incoming email in Jabber format + sends it to a Jabber server). Other than that, it seems easy (though not trivial) to setup something like this. Has anyone done so?...Read more

Useful XMPP chat notifications in Pidgin

I'm using XMPP chat rooms at work via Pidgin for team chat. I'm used to Slack, but we haven't fully switched over as of yet.Pidgin doesn't seem to be set up to allow useful persistent chat notifications, by which I mean:notify me when I get a direct messagenotify me when I get mentioned in group chatsomehow indicate when there are new messages in group chat, but don't notify me for every onedo the above as long as the app is running and I'm in the room; don't make me have the chat window actually openSo far, when the chat window is closed, the ...Read more

Lync2013 + Pidgin Error:Web ticket request

I am running pidgin + sipe plugin.Below the settingsServer:blank Connection type:auto User Agent:UCCAPI/15.0.4420.1017 OC/15.0.4420.1017 Authentication scheme: TLS-DSKWhen I enable the account I get this errorWeb ticket request to failedAny idea why?...Read more