openGTS ip and port address settings in gps device

I could able to manage to install and run the openGts server software on my own laptop and I have installed pageKite tunnelling software to replace the "http://localhost:8080" with "", so that I can accesses the server remotely. Now I can able to successfully track my mobile on my own server from remotely. (I am using gps2openGTS client app on my android mobile) Now i have bought TK103A device and i want to track my device through openGTS running on my laptop. What is the IP address and port address I need to set on my...Read more

Server Connection error between Opengts server and cell phone

I successfully installed openGTS and tested it with my cell phone using celltrackGTS app. Everything worked great for 2 days....Now I am getting a "Server Connection error" on the cell phone. I've looked at the opengts logs and didn't see any errors related to this issue.Does anyone have an idea as to what would cause the above error? And more importantly, a solution for the error...Read more