office addins - How to submit an add-in to AppSource that requires an authentication with OAuth 2.0?

I'm developing an add-in that integrates with a product of the company that i work. So to use the add-in the customer need to have a system login which Microsoft would not have.What are the guidelines for submitting an add-in of this nature?Must i indicate something in the manifest file? <Hosts> <Host Name="Workbook" /> </Hosts> <Requirements> <Sets DefaultMinVersion="1.2"> <Set Name="ExcelApi" MinVersion="1.2"/> </Sets> </Requirements> <DefaultSettings> <SourceLo...Read more

office addins - Loading Project Workbook Directly from Project Add-In Panel

We are creating an add-in app for Microsoft Project that the user will operate from the side panel.We have 2 workbooks that are included as part of the app experience. Currently, we are requiring the user to download the books and then open them manually. We are attempting to have the user be able to click a link and load the books in question directly in Project without having to download and manually open them. From our research (e.g. Can we load Excel file in Office.js Add-in), it seems as if this is not doable. Can anyone confirm if that is...Read more

office addins - RangeFormat.columnWidth and RangeFormat.autofitColumns() for Officejs API doesn't work

I'm having an issue with columnWidth not actually setting and showing in Excel 2016. Below is where my function is: _columns = columns; var headers = []; var numCols = _columns.length; var letter = columnToLetter(numCols); //for perspective, this becomes "P" for (var i = 0; i < numCols; i++) { var header = []; header.push(_columns[i].header); headers.push(header); //basically an array of arrays, where each entry is ["some string"] } var ranges = []; ...Read more

office365 apps - Office.context.mailbox.item.body.getAsync() method does not work in outlook mac 2016

In office 365 outlook add-in, Office.context.mailbox.item.body.getAsync() method does not work in outlook Mac. But it works fine in safari and js reference is ""here is the code of add-in read app var _item = Office.context.mailbox.item; var body = _item.body; // Get the body asynchronous as text body.getAsync(Office.CoercionType.Text, function (asyncResult) { if (asyncResult.status !== Office.AsyncResultStatus.Succeeded) { } ...Read more

office addins - How to show vertical pane in Outlook add-ins in Outlook Web App (OWA), Outlook 2016 Mac & Windows

I am developing an outlook add-in targeting OWA, Outlook 2016 for Mac & Windows. My requirement is to show the add-in vertically on right side while reading and composing mail. For compose it is by default showing as desired but for reading it is showing horizontally which I want to show vertically. In short I like to show my add-in exactly same as Evernote add-in is showing. Your help will be much appreciated. Following screen-shot of Evernote in OWA is what I want to show including icon location (enclosed in red).Thanks in advance....Read more

DialogApi in Office Add-ins available for all hosts?

We know that OAUTH flow cannot be implemented in Office add-ins like you would do for a normal (non iFramed) web app, we must rely on some popup technique: see the best explanation here.To overcome this, Microsoft released a dialogAPI within Office.js. This dialog API for a while was only available for Office Desktop.If a developer wants to have a solution that works on Office Online (and to be allowed to be distributed on the Office store) he had to implement a fallback solution involving a plain old browser pop-up.Remark: this is what we do i...Read more

office addins - OneNote InkStroke/FloatingInk API

There is an API for getting ink stroke objects in OneNote. Per the examples/documentation you can run code that gets the InkStroke object. My understanding is that Highlighter strokes are FloatingInk in the OneNote object model. Is it possible to get information about the stroke itself? Something like:if(inkObject.getType() == "Highlighter") { var width = inkObject.getStroke().width; var height = inkObject.getStroke().height;}The documentation shows an example below, but it only appears to make the "id" property more

Using Social Logins in an Office App

I'm building an Office App app that integrates with a few different social logins. Playing around with a POC and it becomes clear that the redirects / new windows opened by SSO's like Office 365 / Facebook are a blocker as they don't return back to the window (the login confirmations etc) that opened them (the office app). Is there any way of ensuring that any new window is rendered inside the Office app container rather than a new window?Related QuestionsOutlook App - ADAL Authentication - AADSTS90056: This endpoint only accepts POST requestsh...Read more

office365 apps - Configure Office 2013 add-in according to user specific settings

We try to make our Office 2013/16 html/javascript taskpane add-in to work against our customers own servers, running our software, to display their pictures, and add them to Word/PowerPoint. Our customers have one or more domains they would want to configure so the add-in connects to one of them. If we ship this add-in on Office Store, we don't know all the domains our customers might want to configure, so the App domain list would be empty.Is it somehow possible to add a App Domain to the manifest during runtime based on user input?Is it possi...Read more

office addins - Error Loading Word Add-in Eventually Works After Retry & Start

My add-in loads properly with Word on Windows, but shows loading errors through Word Online (tested with Chrome, Firefox & Edge) even though clicking through the prompt buttons eventually loads the add-in and everything works as expected. This is what I am seeing in the add-in just loading a usage page ( loads in the taskpane with a grey overlay & loading animationReceive Add-in Error message - Something went wrong and we couldn't start this add-in. Please try again later or contact your sys...Read more