How to select CPU parameter for Marathon apps ran on Mesos?

I've been playing with Mesos cluster for a little bit, and thinking of utilizing Mesos cluster in our production environment. One problem I can't seem to find an answer to: how to properly schedule long running apps that will have varying load?Marathon has "CPUs" property, where you can set weight for CPU allocation to particular app. (I'm planning on running Docker containers) But from what I've read, it is only a weight, not a reservation, allocation, or limitation that I am setting for the app. It can still use 100% of CPU on the server, if ...Read more

mesos - marathon start java program

I'm trying to deploy a test java program on mesos cluster using marathon. I've created a tar ball with all required jars and config files. The tar also has a that launches the app. snippetchmod a+rx *.jarjava -ea -Dlog4j.configuration="file:./" -cp my-app-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar:lib/* tar is provided as an URI. I can see in log file that tar is downloaded and unpacked correctly. But execution fails with errorI0331 23:00:35.135365 30558 exec.cpp:134] Version: 0.27.1I0331 23:00:35.13785...Read more

mesos - Mesophere cluster with nodes of different operating systems

I want to setup a Mesophere cluster (mesos, dc/os, marathon) for running different jobs. The nodes which these jobs run on depend on the nature of the job. For e.g a job with C# code will run on a windows node. A job with pure C++ will run on Ubuntu or freebsd and so on. Each of these can again be a cluster. ie I want to have, lets say, 2 windows nodes and 4 ubuntu nodes. So I would like to know:Can this be achieved in a single deployment ? Or do i need to setup different clusters for reach environment i want , one for windows, one for Ubuntu e...Read more

mesos - How to force marathon to redo the deployment of an already running container with the existing version `:latest`?

I am trying to deploy to marathon an image already deployed and running.The version used for this image is :latest.The deployment is happening every two week, but marathon fail to reinstall the application because it does not see any configuration change.I have tried to add forcePullImage: true to the json deployment plan but that didn't help.Is it possible to force marathon to accept the deployment event if the configuration hasn't changed ?...Read more

mesos - Marathon exited with status 1

I am installing mesosphere on ubuntu 16.04 xenial .zookeeper and mesos-master and mesos-slave are running fine ,while starting marathon I am getting this issue .Required option 'master' not found .I have created folder in /etc/marathon/conf .These are the steps I am following for marathon .sudo mkdir -p /etc/marathon/confsudo cp /etc/mesos-master/hostname /etc/marathon/confsudo cp /etc/mesos/zk /etc/marathon/conf/mastersudo cp /etc/marathon/conf/master /etc/marathon/conf/zksudo nano /etc/marathon/conf/zk ,edit mesos to marathon in the end .I am...Read more

mesos - Would ( intValue ( "." intValue )? ) be read as 1.9 ?? Also, how to add attribute to Heat Template

Is this a regEx? As per Mesos' documentation:scalar : floatValuefloatValue : ( intValue ( "." intValue )? ) | ...Would I read it the same way as I'd read the scalar via the documentation?I'm trying to figure out how to add attribute to Mesos Cluster nodes, but the sample Heat Template I have has nothing to the tune of 'node attributes' in it, and I'm kind of shooting for the moon here.As It goes into a HEAT template, would each attribute for a specific node be added into the preferences section? I have been trying to find this answer for days n...Read more

mesosphere - mesos slave on different host unable to add itself

Mesos slave is unable to add itself to the cluster. Right now i have 3 machine, with 3 slaves running and 1 master.But at the mesos page i can see just one master and one slave (same as the master's host present). I can see the marathon running, app etc.. But just the other slaves are unable to connect to the master.slave logs :: I0825 21:30:00.971642 4110 slave.cpp:4193] Received oversubscribable resources from the resource estimatorI0825 21:30:01.000732 4106 group.cpp:313] Group process (group(1)@ connected to ZooKeeperI0825...Read more

mesos - Recovering from Consul "No Cluster leader" state

I have:one mesos-master in which I configured a consul server;one mesos-slave in which I configure consul client, and;one bootstrap server for consul.When I hit start I am seeing the following error: 2016/04/21 19:31:31 [ERR] agent: failed to sync remote state: rpc error: No cluster leader 2016/04/21 19:31:44 [ERR] agent: coordinate update error: rpc error: No cluster leaderHow do I recover from this state?...Read more

Apache Mesos configured failed on OS X Yosemite

I am following the doc ( and trying to install Mesos on my mac. When I try to configure it, it gives me the error: checking python extra linking flags... -u _PyMac_Error Python.framework/Versions/2.7/Python checking consistency of all components of python development environment... no configure: error: in `/Users/syang/Desktop/git/mesos/build': configure: error: Could not link test program to Python. Maybe the main Python library has been installed in some non-standard library path. If so, pass ...Read more

mesos - DC/OS - Dashboard showing 0 connected nodes

After restarting my 3 masters in my DC/OS cluster, the DC/OS dashboard is showing 0 connected nodes. However from the DC/OS cli I see all 6 of my agent nodes:$ dcos node HOSTNAME IP ID172.16.1.20 a7af5134-baa2-45f3-892e-5e578cc00b4d-S7172.16.1.21 a7af5134-baa2-45f3-892e-5e578cc00b4d-S12172.16.1.22 a7af5134-baa2-45f3-892e-5e578cc00b4d-S8172.16.1.23 a7af5134-baa2-45f3-892e-5e578cc00b4d-S6172.16.1.24 a7af5134-baa2-45f3-892e-5e578cc00b4d-S11172.16....Read more

mesos - DC/OS marathon Virtual network not working

I installed DC/OS with 3 masters and 3 agents and face a problem with virtual networking. Here is my Marathon app spec:{ "id": "/nginx", "cmd": null, "cpus": 1, "mem": 128, "disk": 0, "instances": 1, "container": { "type": "DOCKER", "volumes": [], "docker": { "image": "nginx", "network": "BRIDGE", "portMappings": [ { "containerPort": 80, "hostPort": 0, "servicePort": 10002, "protocol": "tcp", "name": "main1", "labels": { "VIP_0": " more

mesosphere - What is the difference between Apache Mesos and Nomad?

What is the difference between Apache Mesos and Nomad? Nomad seems to claim that it can do resource management so I wonder how that is different from Apache Mesos?Nomad also claims the following on their website Nomad is architecturally much simpler. Nomad is a single binary, both for clients and servers, and requires no external services for coordination or storage. Nomad combines features of both resource managers and schedulers into a single system. This makes Nomad operationally simpler and enables more sophisticated optimizations.Well for...Read more

mesosphere - Mesos Performance Overhead

I'm working on developing some Docker containers to run in a Mesos cluster. We're doing job submission via Chronos which is managed by Marathon. However, I noticed a significant performance decrease when running my containers in Mesos vs. executing them directly via Docker. Normally, these containers could do the job in about 1.5 minutes, but I've seen times ranging form 3-12 minutes when running with Mesos. The core process I'm running does a lot of disk I/O, so perhaps there's something with how I/O is handled in Mesos that's causing this?Any...Read more