Lossless compressed JPEG gstreamer element?

The pipeline below works fine for saving compressed JPEG images but is there a way to save lossless compressed JPEG images using gstreamer? gst-launch v4l2src always-copy=false num-buffers=1 chain-ipipe=true ! 'video/x-raw-yuv,format=(fourcc)NV12, width=2176, height=1944' ! dmaiaccel ! dm365facedetect draw-square=true ! dmaienc_jpeg ! filesink location=$FILE_NAME...Read more

Huffman coding for Lossless Compression

I really need help with Huffman Coding for Lossless compression. I have an exam coming up and need to understand this, does anyone know of easy tutorials made to understand this, or could someone explain. The questions in the exam are likely to be: Suppose the alphabet is [A, B, C], and the known probability distribution is P(A)=0.6, P(B)=0.2 and P(C)=0.2. For simplicity, let’s also assume that both encoder and decoder know that the length of the messages is always 3, so there is no need for a terminator.How many bits are needed to encode the m...Read more

Lossless data compression for extremely large data - Planetary artificial intelligence

I want to create an environment for artificial intelligence, with planetary size. It will simulate underground life on a very large world. According to Wikipedia, planet Earth has a surface area of 510,072,000 Km^2, I want to create a square of similar proportions, maybe bigger. I will store one meter on each bit, where 0 means dirt and 1 means wall of dirt.Let's first calculate how to store a single line of this square. One line would be 510072000000m and each byte can store 8 meters, so one line would be 59.38GB and the entire world would be ...Read more