What could be causing this leak near my chimney?

I had a new roof put on in 2010 and had no problems... recently I've noticed that I'm getting water in my house. Its coming down along side where my chimney is and making large bubbles in my walls. We had the roofer come out thinking something was wrong with the flashing. He informed us that everything looked good up on the roof and maybe the water was due to condensation, and the bricks soaking up the rains and therefore coming in. He told us to just scrap the wall but today we had rain and my wall looks worse. I hate to scrap and repair my wa...Read more

leak - Ceiling wet at corner of chimney

Whenever it rains, the ceiling becomes wet at the corner of the chimney.I ASSUME it's just a small leak, but obviously I don't want it to become any worse. I have a flat roof, so getting up there and doing some work is pretty easy for me. Any suggestions on what I need to do? My Googlefu has come up with this plan of attack:Repair and cracks I find in the morter with masonry sealant.Spray the chimney with water repellent.Caulk where flashing meets the chimney with flashing sealant....Read more

Weird leak through chimney?

Im getting a weird leak in my chimney. It almost looks like a condensation buildup (due to distance from roof/location), but this seems to occur during rains. Can anyone give some possible explanations on what could be causing the leak shown in the attached pictures?...Read more

Roof leak where chimney meets roof

We have a roof leak which seems to be "mystifying" our roofer. 6 months after our roof was reshingled and about 2 years after a total chimney rebuild, we are still dealing with a roof leak along where the chimney meets the roof of the house - leaking inside and running down wall above fireplace. When our roofer and a friend who is an inspector went up there to inspect 2 days ago, they found underside of shingles, and underlayment all dry. Underneath those layers, however, there was an area of plywood about 2 feet by 3 feet all wet and moldy. W...Read more

leak - Repair Leaking Roof/Chimney In Winter

I live in an 100 year old house in Michigan. I have suspicions that the flashing around my chimney is leaking as the plaster in the ceiling directly below the chimney & roof point is getting soft and the paint is peeling. I intend on doing it the right way and replacing the flashing and/or ensure the seal is in good shape. The problem is that its winter and I cannot safely get up onto the roof to do that. Are there products that I could apply from the attic to help block the water from coming in until I can fix this the proper way?...Read more

old american standard bathtub faucet still leaks after replacing 2k-2c cartridge

Just replaced a leaky cold-water faucet cartridge and it still leaks. It's "better" but far from solved.The rubber on the old 2k-2c cartridge seemed to be pretty deteriorated (practically no longer existed) and lots of bits of rubber came out. Is there another washer or seat that is supposed to be there before putting the cartridge in? Is the cartridge supposed to be rotated prior to placing the brass ring over it?I'm not sure what, if anything, needed to be in place before putting the cartridge in....Read more

leak - Toilet leaking into bowl

We had a HydroRight in the toilet for several years (with the split, dual flush handle) and all of a sudden, water began trickling into the bowl, and the tank would refill every 10-15 minutes, which would take just a few seconds.I thought maybe there was a rebuild kit for the HydroRight so I could replace some seals, but didn't find one. So, instead I bought all new internals, but this time a Fluidmaster Dual Flush. This one came with the angled adapter to change the bottom mounting point of the overflow tube from an angle to being level, onto ...Read more

Tracking Potential Bathtub Leak Without Removing It

I've noticed that the corner of my bathtub gets wet. When a paper towel is placed there, it gets soaked in a short while. There is no large amount of water leaking out though. That spot just gets moist especially after the bathtub is used.Is there a way to trace the leak without pulling out the bathtub?(Note there's a wet spot on the baseboard molding and I don't know how water got there either.)...Read more

leak - How to fix a leaking concrete ceiling?

We are occupying the second floor of a 4 story apartment complex. We have recently moved in and all 4 floors are now occupied. The occupant in the first floor says his bedroom ceiling is leaking with water drops forming especially in the morning when the bathrooms are most used. There are two bathrooms near the leaking area (in our 2nd floor house). Unable to pinpoint the source, the constructor has started removing the floor tile of one of the bathrooms in our house. He expects to find moist cement underneath if it is the source. The problem i...Read more

Is that a leak from roof into my ceiling?

I found a spot into my ceiling that was not there before. Spot looks like this. We had rain last night and i am worried if there is a leakage in the roof.This is what is on top of it.Is this a leak? I have life time warranty on my roof so if it is a leak i would like to give them a call and have them come check it out....Read more

What might be causing leaks in my roof and ceiling?

We had a new roof put onto our kitchen extension because water marks were appearing on the ceiling. For a year, this seemed to stop any further water coming through. in the past week or so more water has been coming through and has actually caused rips in the paper covering the ceiling and also you can see a grid of where the water seems to be running down the joists - quite extensive and worrying especially with more rain to come.We are trying to get hold of the roof people as it is under guarantee, but I think we need to address the potenti...Read more

leak - How can I locate and deal with mold between floors?

About 9 months ago, my wife and I replaced a toilet that had a broken wax ring. We got some water leaking down to the ceiling on the first floor. Now I'm having what seem to be mold symptoms -- I get runny eyes, have trouble breathing, and feel nauseous when I go into the bathroom. (I'm pretty sensitive to mold; my wife feels nothing). I think that we probably have mold growing from the original leak, so I've opened a small hold in the celing underneath. What I see through the grate are some planks. They look like they were soaked through...Read more

leak - PVC hole repair in tight space

I have a PVC pipe inside the wall in the right front corner of my office closet. It has holes in it, and it carries washing machine water from washing machine to the basement to dispose of it however it does. The holes are causing water to leak every time I do laundry.I purchased a pipe repair wrapping kit, and was just about to repair, when I realized that behind the pipe is a another wall and there isn't enough space to bring the wrap around behind the PVC.So as far as I can tell, I have two options:Go and buy a Fernco and connect them that...Read more

leak - Air compressor valve going off

I have a small air compressor for various small tasks. Lately when I plug it in and turn it on, it starts working to fill the tank and once it's full, I hear the valve releasing the air thus the compressor always works and never gets full.While it's plugged in I can use it and I believe that the pressure of the air coming out is the same as when it was working properly.Any ideas of what the issue might be?Thanks!...Read more