Sublime Text 2 LatexTools: Cannot find builder - TeX

I don't know what I make wrong. I installed LatexTools exactly as described but every time I try to compile a messages shows up: "Cannot find builder traditional". I changed the builder to "simple" but same message:"Cannot find builder simple". All the solutions that I've read don't work. I use Ubuntu. I hope you can help me. This is my LatexTools.sublime-settings: // LaTeXTools Preferences DEFAULT SETTINGS//// DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE!!! Open the Command Palette and run the "Reconfigure and migrate settings"// command. Alternatively, select the "...Read more

latextools - Missing Packages for Equation Preview in Sublime - TeX

I have been attempting to set up LaTeX editing in Sublime through use of SublimeText and LaTeX Tools.I have installed many of the required programs to go along with it, but I've had trouble with "packages for equation preview". They are listed as missing and I cannot figure out how to install them.Part of my issue is I cannot figure out exactly what packages I need to install as the name given for them (standalone, preview, etc.) is rather vague.How would I go about installing these packages?...Read more