jQuery UI Tooltip - Showing Inline Content

I'm having trouble displaying hidden inline content within a jQuery UI tooltip widget. Here's what I have so far:$("a.tooltip").tooltip({ content: function() { $('table').show(); return $('table'); } });The table in question is set to not display by default. The above code shows the table in the tooltip, however, if I hover off the link that activates the tooltip, and return to it, an empty tooltip displays, without my inline content. I suspect I want to invoke the destroy() method wh...Read more

jQuery UI tooltips showing at the bottom of the page

In my project I am using jQuery UI 1.10.2 to display tooltips for links on the page. However, when I hover over any links, the tooltip displays at the bottom of the page underneath the content area rather than right below the link.Upon closer examination, I found that when hovering over a tooltip item, the "top" style is not set for the ui-tooltip div for some reason. $(document).tooltip({ content: function() { return $(this).attr('title'); }});Does anyone have any ideas about why it would be doing this?...Read more

How do I Update the Content in Jquery UI Tooltip in Realtime?

I have an element that when hovered over, it displays the price of the item (in a game). I'm using the jQuery UI tooltip to power the display of the information about each item. When the item is clicked, jQuery captures the click, uses a $.get() request to process the purchase and can return specific information related to the item via JSON and jQuery's parseJSON feature. However, the prices of each item change with each purchase. It's sort of a form of inflation. I can't figure out how to access the content of the jQuery UI tooltip to change i...Read more

jQuery UI tooltip to data-title

I'm trying to change the default [title] usage from jQuery UI tooltip to [data-title].<script> $(function () { $(document).tooltip({ track: true, items: "[data-title]", content: function () { return ( ( $( this ).prop( 'data-title' ).replace( '|', '<br />' ) ) ); } }); });</script><span class="class blade" data-title="Tooltip title"></span>This works perfectly if I remove the data-, but with it nothing displays....Read more

Displaying a jQueryUI tooltip based on condition

By default (more precisely, it's designed so that) a jQueryUI tooltip appears on mouseover and focusin events. What I need is the same functionality, but not on mouseover, rather upon a certain condition. It's really cool the way tooltip appears with different possible animations. But it'd be wonderful if I could tweak it to pop up whenever I call it. Do you think it's possible with some minor adjustments to the source or would it need lots of coding?...Read more