headlights - Are there any high power bicycle generators?

I have been searching for a generator or 'dynamo' (preferably one built into the hub) to run lights for night riding, but it seems that most are rated for only about 3W (presumably to meet German bicycle standards). I currently have a DiNotte 400R tail light that serves me well, running from a battery. I'd like to add a high-lumen headlight (at least 800 Lumens) and run the whole thing from a generator. I've measured the average power consumption of the 400R on one of the blink modes to be about 2W. A reasonable ballpark estimate for LEDs i...Read more

headlights - How can I get a detachable bike light (300+ lumen) that runs off of AA or AAA NiMh batteries?

I have a large supply of NiMh rechargeable batteries that I use for all my gadgets. I have several small very bright LED flashlights that use these. My question is how can I construct, from parts, a strong bike headlamp that uses such batteries? Based on review of many product recommendations offered, I have not found a 300+ lumen light, so I'm looking for a way to construct such a light. It would need to be easily detachable so I could remove it when locking the bike in public.I am interested in solving the problem of getting such a light, ei...Read more

headlights - Dynamo light without rear light connected?

I wish to repair a faulty dynamo light system however I am a complete newcomer to these systems.I bought an old bicycle with a bottle dynamo ("Vitalux C 6V") connected to the rear wheel. There is a single wire connected from the dynamo to the front light. There is also a single wire leading to where the rear light should be, but the light has been removed, with the wiring just loose in the air where it should connect normally. When I connect the dynamo to the tyre and spin the wheel the globe does not light up. Is it possible to have this syste...Read more

headlights - Are there dynamo powered front flashing lights?

I have a bright battery powered front light and I'm looking for a flashing "be seen" front light that's connected to a dynamo so it's always on whenever I ride. Standlight would be ideal, but isn't necessary. I would be connecting it to a bottle dynamo.I know about all the Reelight options so don't need suggestions of those. I'm also not interested in DIY solutions.I understand why most dynamo front lights are solid, but am hoping someone knows of a flashing one I just haven't managed to find yet....Read more

headlights - Dynamo bike lights - unknown short circuit cause

I've bought and installed dynamo powered lights on my bike. A little bit about the setup - It's the bottle dynamo kind pressing against the tire system. The Dynamo produces current turning clockwise and counterclockwise. The setup completes the electrical circuit using the frame of the bike. The front and the back light are powered by the same dynamo but are wired through separate circuits.I've set up and used the system successfully. However I was doing some work on the bike and had to dismantle and reattach the front light. From the moment i ...Read more

headlights - Cygolite Expilion Battery Replacement

Did anyone take apart the replaceable battery of the Expilion headlight?I assume it contains a 18650 like battery, but some have a protection circuit built in and some not.Any knowledge about the type of battery? The lamp might even fit a thicker battery with higher capacity.If I mill off the bottom part of the holder, can I pull out the battery, or is it tightly molded into the plastic shell?...Read more

headlights - Conceptual: Bike Lights built into Grips

I am a design student and avid cyclist and am currently working on a design project for school. I had an idea for locking handlebar grips that have LED lights built into them. If you can picture MTB grips or even BMX grips for that matter, essentially there would be an extra 2 maybe 3 or so inches towards the inside of the grip where the inner "ring" on a BMX grip would be (side of the grip closest to the stem). This would give enough extra space to house a few LED's and batteries as well and would be operated by the thumbs of the rider. The in...Read more

night riding - Recommendations for bike headlight.....possibly running on AA batteries?

I realise this question has been asked before, but as far as I can tell the last time was over a year ago, so I thought it might be worth asking again in the light maybe of newer products being on the market...I’m having trouble finding a headlight. I only really started serious night-riding this winter, and pretty soon found that the headlight I already had (a Cateye running on 4xAA batteries and rated at 2200 candela) was fine for the city but not for dark country roads. So I started looking for a brighter headlamp and found that Cateye did a...Read more