greencard - Green Card - ADIT Styled Photos

My wife green card interview is coming shortly, and one of the items they want us to bring is two (2) ADIT Styled photos. From what I've learned is that they are like passport photos, but they take 3/4 of your face which exposes your ear.We were unable to get information from USCIS live support chat to find ways to getting these photos. One suggested the Post Office and Walgreens, and both either did not know about these photos or can not do them because of the different angle.Has anyone dealt with getting an ADIT style photo, or knows what is ...Read more

greencard - Available waiver for abandoning Adjustment Of Status

I need help on the kind of waiver that can help my situation. I came to the US in 2016 on a visitor visa and got married to a US citizen in 2017 and we filed the petition for adjustment of status in 2018. While the process is still pending i had an emergency and i had to travel out of the country without advance parole. I have overstayed my visa by over 1 year before applying for AOS. My wife and I are looking for options to get me back to the countryI will appreciate all advice....Read more

greencard - Irish Green Card & Employment Probation Period

I've been offered a position with a tech company in Ireland, and they will sponsor me for a Green Card. I've received the contract last night, and it has a clause regarding a probation period, as per the Employee Handbook - 6 months, which can be extended to 10 months.Now, I now that one of the requirements for a Green Card is that the offer of employment is for at least 2 years. I've asked the company about this, and they said that they will state in the application that the offer is for more than 2 years, but that 6 months' probation is stand...Read more

greencard - Marriage green card at end of current visa with 2 Year residency requirement waiver in-process, question

So I was just married, but my J1 Visa is ending in a few days. I know I have 30 days afterwards that I am allowed to take, to leave. Given the following additional information, which is the best course of action to take for applying for a greencard on the basis of marriage to a US Citizen?But the situation is complicated by a 2-year home requirement from the J1-visa. I applied to waive this requirement a while back, but the processing is dragging on. I expect to receive the waiver, no problem, because I received no governmental funding. However...Read more

greencard - Are the green card lottery (Diversity Visa) results final when released in May?

For example, from the dvlottery website : DV-2018 Entrants may enter their confirmation information through the link below starting at noon (EDT) on May 2, 2017. The DV-2018 registration period opens on October 4, 2016, and closes on November 7, 2016. DV-2018 Entrants should keep their confirmation number until at least September 30, 2018.Are the results available on May 2, 2017 the same as on September 30, 2018, or they are released by quota?In other words, if I check my number on May 2, 2017 and I find that I've not been selected, is there a...Read more