Will Google block my access if I use their features without token?

I'm using this link fetch feeds using Google's algorithm. As you can see I'm not adding any other parameters, just fetching the returned data in JSON format. My app will be heavily used hopefully and if I send a lot of requests to this link, will Google block my access or something?Is there anything I can include, like userip, url for my app (so if they have problem to just contact me) or something else?...Read more

Google Reader API mark as read

I'm trying to mark an item as read using Google reader API.I'm calling: POST,2005:reader/item/abd8ef2540e2948aa=user/-/state/ I get Error 400: Bad Requestany help?...Read more

http post - Google Reader api mark all news from a specific source as read! I've the request

Google Reader api mark all news from a specific source as read! I've sniffed the request but I can't understant which paramters it want'sThis is the post all arguments ares=user%2F1400000000005773457%2Flabel%2FCultura&t=Cultura&ts=1302000000000000772&T=%2F%2FRcaqdpNe_mDnkehf-L5af9wNOTE: The Numeber like 14000000000057734... are not true...I masquerade it because I think they are sensible data.My questions is can someone show me the correct request? Which are the cor...Read more

How do I sort feeds returned from Google Reader?

When I query Google Reader for the list of subscriptions for a user, it seems to be returned in a fixed order, no matter what the order is as shown at for the list I'm talking about)Each subscription returns a 'sortid', which Google Reader uses when the user rearranges subscriptions, by sending back a concatenation of all sortids in the new order after rearranging is finished. However, that sortid never changes.So my question is this: How do I actually get the order t...Read more

Authentication to Google Reader using OAUth

I want to post a URL from my android application to Google Reader. I have authenticated to google Reader using ClientLogin (Accessed to unofficial google API).I have received response code 200, but I was not able to post this url to Google Reader. I have used JSOUP-1.5.2.jar.I have seen other procedures to access Official Google Reader using OAuth. Which procedure is better for me to follow so that I can post a message from my android application to Google Reader?...Read more

Google Reader: Can I access "Number of subscribers" programatically?

Google Reader has a useful "Details and statistics" feature, the data for which I would like to be able to access programatically (specifically the "Number of subscribers").Does anyone know how to get "Number Of subscribers"via the API? I know I can access a feed programatically using (e.g.):, I'm hoping that the stats are available somehow too.thanksJT...Read more

reading - Google Currents vs Google Reader

They appear to perform the same functionality... only difference I see is that Currents layout is more like a magazine. And I can import my Reader subscriptions to Currents.What's the difference between the two? Is there any reason to use one over the other? Does Currents replace Reader?...Read more

Receiving 400 Client Error from Google Reader API (specifically, user authorized edits/deletes)

I've been trying to fix a google reader client for the iphone I wrote more than half a year ago, which broke after Google changed its authentication scheme for google reader in June. I've currently hit a roadblock with edit/delete functionality for items, feeds and folders... ma...Read more

Google Reader API - feed/[FEEDURL]/ is coming back as Not found

There is one feed I'm subscribed to which always turns up as NOT FOUND when I try to use the API. I return an array of Dictionaries, containing 3 objects. The first in the list represents the user himself, like so:{ FeedID = "user/MY_UNIQUE_NUMBER/state/"; Timestamp = 1273448807271463; Unread = 59;}The Unread count is very important. My client depends on downloading 59 items from Google before it refreshes. If a feed doesn't download properly, the count is off and the client won't update.An example of a worki...Read more

Google Reader API feed number of items

I have a folder in my Google Reader account called Test, with 200 items in. I only want to collect 20 items at a time. According to the docs I can add ?n=20 or ?count=20 to the url to get the first 20 items. But when I use this link or I get all 200....Read more

Bulk edit-tag for Google Reader

How to bulk edit tag of the google reader item ?Now I'm using /reader/api/0/edit-tag to edit tags, but it's very slow to update tags for all items (in loop).Dow you know any way to send tags for many items at once? Possible solution looks like using some threads to send these requests to Google Reader Server....Read more