How to delete an App Version from Google Cloud Platform

I am newbie and I was playing around couple of months back with Google Cloud and by mistake I somehow have added a Version/hello world project that looks like below and it is doing some logging which is taking 100 GB of space and Google is charging me for that space. I just want to get rid of it but I am not able to do so. Please help me.Screenshot for reference. EDIT Issue: Why am I not able to completely delete it. I am beginner so please guide me how to get rid of it? I am getting charged every month. Where can I click and delete it.P.S: I ...Read more

Google app engine or amazon web services

I am a newbie to us cloud hosting. I want to know which is better to start with, either Google app engine or Amazon web service.My questions are:My application is based on java, Database is MySQL. Do they support this?What are the free offers from both of them and which one is better to start? How easy would it be to migrate from one platform to another?Any good link for getting started with these service as I am a novice here.Additionally, I'd appreciate some good links for getting started with these services as I am a novice here, and a high ...Read more

Console - created new project; auto-created app engine app; can't set billing

I am getting very confused with the whole cloud console api console thing. I just created a new Cloud Console project in order to setup some GCE instances. It seems to have auto-created an App Engine app. That is fine, but when I go to enable billing, it tells me that it cannot enable billing for app engine apps and that I need to do that in App Engine Console.Earlier this week, I tried to setup a project to include both an existing App Engine app and Compute Engine. I was asked to got through the request access process like before GCE was avai...Read more

Choosing between Google Cloud Flexible or Standard Environment

I'm starting to build a web/mobile app that is going to be offered as SaaS.I have seen many cloud options for hosting (Heroku, AWS) but finally decided to go with Google Cloud App Engine.My back-end will be Java based, and I'm confused about going with the Standard or Flexible Env.I have read several docs online but still undecided.Considerations to tackle:I am not very experienced with Docker and this is my first Saas App.My app should run perfectly with the offering of the Standard Env.Migrating from the Standard to the Flex environment seems...Read more

cloud - What alternatives are there to Google App Engine?

What alternatives are there to GAE, given that I already have a good bit of code working that I would like to keep. In other words, I'm digging python. However, my use case is more of a low number of requests, higher CPU usage type use case, and I'm worried that I may not be able to stay with App Engine forever. I have heard a lot of people talking about Amazon Web Services and other sorts of cloud providers, but I am having a hard time seeing where most of these other offerings provide the range of services (data querying, user authenticati...Read more

web applications - Google App Engine as production platform

We are about to start working on new commercial web project and considering Google App Engine as a potential platform.Questions:Does Google App Engine is reallyscalable and may be considered as aproduction platform for commercialproject?Is it more expensive (orcheaper) than good hosting companyservice in long run? Is itpossible (and pretty cheap) to movethe app from Google App Engine toindependent server/farm (e.g. to use itas a private system, to exploit ourown hardware etc.)? Is there somemechanism to deal with DDoS attacks?Can I make a full ...Read more

Using amazon RDS from google app engine. please help !

I have some queries. By default Google appengine (cloud based deployment platform) does not support mysql or any database for that matter. So we thought of using Amazon RDS as a option (Since it is in cloud.). After reading the documentations, i understood that amazon exposes the web services and provides API s for basic operations like creating a DB instance etc. But i am not sure whether it provides APIs for CRUD operations.? So that programatically i should configure amazon RDS and perform CRUD operations in it. Please answer. Can i write a ...Read more

cloud - Install tomcat on Google app engine?

I am pretty new to this whole idea of cloud and started of with Google app engine. I was able to create the basic 'hello world' program.When i tried to understand the difference between a cloud and a server I learned that Cloud is where you have an access to virtual instance created exclusively for you and you are free to choose and install software of your choice.But I don't see such an option with Google-cloud/app-engine. What if I have a tom-cat based application server which I would like to deploy on a cloud? Will Google app engine be of an...Read more

dns - How to use Google app engine with my own naked domain (not subdomain)?

After hours of reading about and experimenting with DNS records I can access my Google app engine app via these URLs:myappid.appspot.comwww.myappid.myowndomain.comWhat does not work:myowndomain.comwww.myowndomain.comI want to be able to serve my app directly off my domain and not a subdomain. I've seen apps that do this. Is there any way to do this without a URL redirect?...Read more

Cannot remove a domain or upload a new SSL certificate on Google Cloud Platform

I used to have permissions to remove a custom domain on Google App Engine or upload a new SSL certificate. However, one day the SSL certificate was expired and I could not upload a new SSL certificate and got the following warning message. "You do not have sufficient permissions to view this page".When I remove this custom domain and also got the following warning message."All domains mapped to this application are shown below. Only owners of a domain may remove one of its mappings."I am the owner of managing the domain name group in Google Clo...Read more

dns - How do I redirect www to non-www in Google App Engine

My domain is bought from Godaddy and migrated to Amazon AWS. Previously we were using AWS and hosted our static website in AWS bucket but recently we moved to Google cloud platform and hosted our static website and wp blog in app engine. We manage our DNS in Amazon Route 53 and point dns to GAE. The problem is that our website can be browsed with both www and non www domain. Here, We wanted to redirect all the www to non-www domain. This cannot be done in Route 53 because we have pointed dns to GAE and added as A record and www.exam...Read more

dns - Linking Google App Engine website with custom domain

I created a website on Google App Engine and successfully deployed it to some internal Google server ( bought a new domain from ( and I want to make this my main website.In Google App Engine, when I try to verify a new domain it gives me CNAME field to be added from where I bought the domain.When I go to Marcaria and try to link, it ask me for Primary and Secondary names to be added. Any idea from where can I get this information for Google and how can I link my own website?...Read more

Google App Engine SSL error "DNS records could not be found" even though custom domain is working

I pointed a new custom domain to a Google App Engine Standard Environment project and edited the DNS records per Google's instructions, and it seems to be redirected properly. Now I'm under the impression that SSL certificates for App Engine projects can now be provided automatically by Let's Encrypt and do not necessarily need to be supplied by the user separately:, I'm having problem getting the SSL security service from Google. The error message in th...Read more