Geo maps setup in GoodData

Can anyone help me with preparing data for the new feature Geo Maps. I want to show the below data on geo maps.Country Name SalesRussia 1244Canada 3553Germany 5345Australia 2456France 2566United Kingdom 6743India 3677United States 5633 Thanks in advance,...Read more

SalesForce SSO with GoodData

Getting Unable to Load ErrorWe are tryed to integrate GoodData dashboard to saleforce using SSO(Single sign On).We did all the setting for a salesforce user. This user is also a member in GoodData plateform and user can login Goodata and Saleforce with the same username and password.But in salesforce tab showing error message like "Unable to Load".Thanks....Read more

Modify a record in GoodData

I would like to modify one attribute of a record in GoodData using CloudConnect (namely set "Status" to "Deleted"). My table contains 35 arguments, and I was told that the only way to do so was to upload the whole record with this single field change). Is there any better way to do so than what I am doing now, i.e. :Creating 2 reports in the web Interface of GoodData (because I have more than 20 attributes in this table)Thanks to their address, access the URL of the csv version of these reports to be downloaded in GDMerge those 2 reports per bu...Read more

Gooddata Project Backup

Can someone explain to me how to backup a GoodData project so that I i can restore in case something gets deleted by mistake? The backup does not need to include the data, but should include everything else (Users, Reports, Dashboards, Attributes, Facts, Metrics, Data Sets, Model)...Read more

Downloading only new files in GoodData

How can I use the "Download File" component to only download new files or files that have been updated remotely?Consider a graph like the following:where File Download is defined as:I have many *.csv files in ${S3_OR_DATA_DIR_LOCATION}; I'm adding one every day). How can I make sure GoodData only downloads new files AND files that have been updated? Would making the option "Overwrite existing files" False do it? Or would that only download new files and not update existing files that have been updated?...Read more

GoodData UI many requests

I createad reports with GoodData UI and works successful.GoodData UI exists many requests. In desktop OK but In mobile will use many 4G to customer.Do exist control to requests ?imageHi Ivan,I used react link.In image exists 856 request without to stop.Code used: <div style={{ height: 400, width: 600 }}> <Visualization identifier="abbAX8VdfTM8" projectId="dkrwpz8ki4iplckqups7luwz8uiviacy" /> </div>...Read more

Issue about AttributeFilter in GoodData UI

I used AttributeFilter in GoodData UI but show :SORRY, WE CAN'T FIND THIS INSIGHTThe insight with this URL does not exist.I used this example: do it fix ? onApply = (filter) => { console.log('AttributeFilterExample filter', filter); const isPositive = !!; const elementsProp = isPositive ? 'in' : 'notIn'; const filters = [{ [isPositive ? 'positiveAttributeFilter' : 'negativeAttributeFilter']: { displayForm: { ...Read more

gooddata - Getting previous period/same period last year attribute filter

I'm trying to enable drill-ins for measures which are specified as "previous period" or "same period last year" of another measure. When a drill event is fired, the intersection I get looks like this:[ { id: 'fkdljsfkdljfdkslj_pop', title: 'Constituents', header: {uri: '/gdc/md/projectid/obj/12345', identifier: 'ahdueom'} }, { id: '54321', title: 'Oct/FY2018, header: {uri: '/gdc/md/projectid/obj/6789', identifier: 'constituentdateadded.month.short'} }]What I want to do is use this information to call getValidElements (/gd...Read more

gooddata - Getting title for previous period/SP previous year measures in SDK?

I have created an insight with a date filter, and enabled "Compare the period with", selecting either "Same period previous year" or "Previous period" for all measures (I only have one). In the insight designer, things are labeled as expected: One color with my measure name, and another with measure name - SP year ago.However, when I get the visualization object for my insight, the SP year ago measure does not have a "title". I can manually compute the title, but is there a way to get it through the API?...Read more

gooddata - Table render error in react components 6.0.1

I'm working on updating our @gooddata/react-components package from version 5.3.1 to version 6.0.1. I had a number of table insights which were working fine, but now some of them fail to render with this error:Warning: React.createElement: type is invalid -- expected a string (for built-in components) or a class/function (for composite components) but got: undefined. You likely forgot to export your component from the file it's defined in. Check the render method of 'BubbleHoverTrigger'.I'm passing the same props as I was with 5.3.1, so why ar...Read more

gooddata - Axis, Legend, and Canvas configuration in SDK?

In the analytical designer, you can now change the configuration of the axes, legend, and canvas when creating an insight.I know that the SDK supports setting the legend visibilty and position ( but is it possible to configure the axis and canvas in the same way as the designer?...Read more

Gooddata.UI - charts are not shown, table without formatting

I am trying to finish the intro tutorial for Gooddata.ui. However, I am not able to see any chart. I can see loading bullets, but no charts. To be more specific:a line chart is shown just for a short time and then it disappears (just a blick)a bar chart is not shown at alla table is shown without formattingMy code looks like this (I removed all the things from create-react-app) :import React, { Component } from 'react';import { LineChart, BarChart, Table } from '@gooddata/react-components';...class App extends Component {render() { return (...Read more

maql - Conditional statement in metric don't work properly in Gooddata report

I have this metric:The first value right above the "if" statement should be considered just for dates after September 1st;The second value right above the "else" statement should be considered just for old dates (before September 1st).What happens is that when I put the "hour" attribute inside the report, the value above the "if" statement is considered even for old dates.The left report uses the same metric but without the hour attribute:Why this happen? Can I do something to bring the right values?OBS: I also tried to use the "case" statement...Read more

gooddata - Error creating heatmap with segmentBy but no trendBy

I'm playing around with the heatmap component using the @gooddata/react-components version 5.3.0. For the most part, everything works as expected. However, I'm running into one issue.The analytical designer allows me to design a heatmap with either only rows, or only columns. I can render a heatmap using the SDK with only columns by specifying the trendBy property with no segmentBy property.However, when I try to render a heatmap with only rows by specifying the segmentBy property with no trendBy property, I get the following error message:E...Read more