How to make gmail remember my Add-on open state?

I am working on Gmail Add-on using Google Apps Script, it is already published to Gsuite marketplace.I can see that Gmail is remembering the last open state of google provided add-ons like Calendar, Keep etc, and keep it open even if I refresh / reopen the browser.But, this is not happening for my add-on. How can I make Gmail remember my add-on as last opened and open it by default?...Read more

Can I do a domainwide installation of a gmail addon?

New to the gmail addon (and addon in general)I am thinking of building a gmail addon which will allow the domain admins to do a domainwide install of gmail addon so that it can appear in the "G Suite Marketplace". However when I access the documentation "Admins of a G Suite domain can install and authorize a Docs, Sheets, or Forms add-on for all users in the domain if the add-on is published to the G Suite Marketplace using the instructions below".Is a domain wide install of a gmail addon actually possible ? I may be missing something here.Ref:...Read more

Issues publishing a Gmail Add-on

I'm planning to launch a simple Gmail Add-on. I've followed every step in the publishing guide and filled the submission form. However, it's been two weeks now and I've yet to receive any response.Can anyone please tell me how much time does it take for my submission to be reviewed? Or what are the steps to publish a public Gmail Add-on...? The ones in the guide don't seem to work.Also, the guide seems wrong, because it instructs users to first fill in the Marketplace SDK Configuration tab and there is no way to save that information because th...Read more

Highlighting / Emphasizing Gmail-Addon

I am building a Gmail Add-On via Google App Scripts that will display provide helpful actions for emails with certain content.Is there a way for me to highlight / emphasize / flash the icon for my Add-On (on the right hand sidebar)? This would let me notify the user that the Add-On can provide some functionality for the email they're reading....Read more

Gmail Add-on PopToRoot not clearing history

For a GMail add-on, I'm finding that "popToRoot()" is not working as expected. When this is called from within a universal action, the user is sent to the root, but there is a "back" arrow available for them to return to the previous card.From the docs, that should not be happening. Any suggestions?Sample code: return CardService .newActionResponseBuilder() .setNavigation( CardService .newNavigation() .popToRoot() .updateCard(makeRootCard(messageId))) .build();where mak...Read more

How do I alter the UI of a Gmail Add On from a callback?

New to gmail add ons and have a question which I am sure is pretty basic: how do I change the UI of my add on from a callback function? More specifically, I have a button which renders in a section on my card:section.addWidget( CardService.newTextButton() .setText('UNSUBSCRIBE') .setOnClickAction( CardService.newAction() .setFunctionName('unsubscribe') .setParameters({email:})));As you can see, I call a function called "unsubscribe" when it is clicked which in turn calls a 3rd party API end...Read more

Gmail add-on - callback from newOpenLink is not called

No matter what I do - my callback from newOpenLink() is not called.Code below is showing what I do:1. I open link to a page on our server that gets some info2. I use a string in "redirect_uri" part of the query string to reload page3. page reloads (though instead of "" url it ends up with "…")- The text in a page: Google Drive:Sorry, unable to open the file at this time.Please check the address and try againBelow is the code I am using - any help is much apprec...Read more

How to load Gmail addon without opening mail message

We need to develop the gmail addon to read the checked mail messages and process the content.We are using the below application json:{ "oauthScopes": [ "", ""],"gmail": { "name": "My Addon", "logoUrl": " k_black_24dp.png", "contextualTriggers": [{ "unconditional": {}, "onTriggerFunction": "buildAddOn" }], "primaryColor": "#4285F4", "secondaryColor": "#4285F4" } }We have tried ...Read more

gmail addons - Is it possible to navigate directly to a child card?

I have a list of root cards that I'd like to display on the home page of my add-on, but depending on the content of the email I'd like the add-on to open directly into a child card (but then allow the user to hit the back button to return to home).What I want essentially is to be able to return a set of root cards in my onTriggerFunction, but then conditionally navigate the user to one of these cards...Read more

gmail addons - Access back-end messages (not the one from the event)

I once wrote a GMail widget that I had to convert to a Chrome add-on when Google removed support for the GMail widget, and I'm now trying to convert it to a Gmail Add-on.My issue is that my add-on loops thru a series of messages under a label and tries to reply to them, but I get a error trying to access them: ERROR: Exception: Access denied: : Missing access token for per message scope authorization.So my question is, how can I access those messages? The only access token I have is the one that triggered the add-on and that won't do.Or asking...Read more

gmail addons - Cannot draft a reply. Permission error

I followed official guides and is my appsscript.json:{ "oauthScopes": [ "", "" ], "gmail": { "name": "Gmail Add-on Quickstart", "logoUrl": "", "contextualTriggers": [{ "unconditional": { }, "on...Read more

Missing gmail plugins

So I received 2 emails with the same content but different senders. In the first email, the plugins are missing. While in the second one, all my plugins are visible. I tried checking the original content and in the first email, the SPF status is SOFTFAIL, while on the second one, SPF, DKIM and DMARC are all PASS.First email original content:Second email original content:Is this somehow connected why my gmail plugins went missing? Does google prevent using gmail plugins if there is a SOFTFAIL or FAIL status in SPF, DKIM or DMARC? Thanks for your...Read more

Test a Gmail Add-on on Gmail Android app?

According to Google in their Gmail Add-ons page The contextual cards you create for your add-ons work for both web and mobile versions of Gmail. This means that you don't need to create separate web and mobile versions of the add-on—the same code works everywhere! Note: Gmail add-ons have not yet been added to the iOS version of the Gmail app.So the question here is really simple, I have a add-on that I'm testing on the browser, but how can I test it in the android Gmail app?Thanks in advance....Read more