c - Using `GCCs` pre-processor as an assembler

There are various open source assemblers such as gas, nasm, and yasm. They have different pseudo-ops and macro syntaxes. For many open source projects, assembler is pre-processed to replace constants and platform conditionals. What limitations would gcc have creating assembler assuming you can use all current attributes and #pragmas, excluding translation performance (compile/assemble to binary time)? I am not talking about inline-assembly. #define MOV(RA,RB) (OXFEB10000UL | RA << 16 | RB) #define ADD(RA,RB) (OXFEB20000UL | RA &l...Read more

Gas with hyperledger Fabric?

With Ethereum, gas is an anti-denial of service measure. What is the equivalent in Hyperledger Fabric to avoid abuse of chaincode invocation transactions (INVOKE)? Is the NVP expected to check this abuse?...Read more

gas - Synthetic ghosts

I am fully aware a similar question exists (link below) but this is not a duplicate question and provides different parametersAre ghosts made entirely of gas possible?Differences-The subject is synthetic-The gas can take up any area-The gas cannot reproduce-There is no need for chemicals as the brain only uses electrical impulsesBackstoryI am writing a story about a deep space scientific expedition in a nebula. During the expedition the crew gets lost and tries using an escape pod to leave but they eventually all die , leaving the last member o...Read more

poisons - Could runaway methane gas emissions be an extinction level event?

Much ado has been made by a few petroleum engineers and global-warming alarmist about all of the methane gas trapped in frozen form, mostly on the ocean floors.The "What-if" scenario begins to play out in 2080 or so, when a few petroleum engineers claim that the skies will start to turn a brownish color, making the earth even hotter.These comments are buried deep in old magazine articles and by now these engineers are probably working for another employer. Even Al Gore did not say much at all about natural frozen methane gas being set free in m...Read more

gas - Brand new stove burners won't light

I have a brand new Samsung NX58H5600 series free-standing gas range with five stovetop burners. The unique oval-shaped center burner works without issue.But none of the four "normal" burners will light. I see a spark at each burner and smell gas when I try to get the burners to light, but nothing happens.I've tried waiting for several seconds for any of these four burners to light, but they never do. Am I missing something? Is there a trick, or perhaps the installers failed to do something here? I understand that obstructions in the gas line co...Read more

pool - How to support outdoor gas pipe?

I'm planning on installing a natural gas pool heater. I want to have a 1-1/4" black iron pipe exit the house where it will run for about 5ft to the heater which will then be reduced to 3/4". I don't want the pipe to be in contact with the ground to prevent corrosion. I think it would also be easier to paint the underside of the pipe if it was elevated about 6 inches from the ground. Being elevated like that does it make sense to place a permanent concrete block under the pipe somewhere halfway in-between the house and the heater? I want to prot...Read more

Gas line to appliance seized cannot disconnect

I have a gas line to a gas range I'm trying to take off. The nuts are very tight. In the photo there are 2 nuts. It looks like the upper one is attached to the gas hose (the flexible hose). Using a very long wrench I'm able to loosen the top nut. But, strangely the hose also spins with the top nut. I expected the top nut to spin freely from the hose. So, loosing the top puts a kink into the gas hose. I'm afraid that the kink will push pressure on the hose and cause a gas leak. What should I do keep spinning the nut with a wrench without destroy...Read more

gas - problems hooking up propane tank to grill

I bought a used grill recently but when i went to hook up the propane i had an issue.There are threads on the inside of the propane tank nozzle but its too big for the hose.I asked the guy i bought it from an he said I connected the brass fitting to a lead pipe union. That was screwed onto a propane valve sticking out of the side of the house. Suggest you take your picture to Home Depot or Lowes and have them give you what you need.I have a feeling he was wrong and that he had it hooked up to natural gas, but i could be wrong.Is there a c...Read more

gas - Carrying 10 liter dewar in elevator advisable?

I am using liquid nitrogen a lot at university and frequently have to carry a 10 l dewar from the storage container into my lab. On this way I have to walk down 4 stories with the heavy dewar. Carrying gases and chemicals in elevators is strictly forbidden, which of course makes sense, since the elevator can always get stuck and then you would be stuck with those substances, posing fatal hazard in some cases.Now I'm asking myself if a 10 l dewar would not infact be completely irrelevant in this regard. Large gas flasks are out of the question o...Read more

Need a gas cooker but have no gas supply

I am not sure about the terminology, i.e if it's called an electric cooker, burner, stove or something else. So I'll just refer to it as a electric or gas cooker to simplify things.We don't have a gas supply to our house in the UK as we have moved to a more remote location. We did have a gas supply in our old house and are finding the electric cooker in the new house extremely slow. So I started looking into bottled/cylinder gas, but I am not sure which direction to go in as I have so many options.For example, do I get butane, or something e...Read more

Run gas when outside of home

I have some recipes, that took quite long to cook, for example 8 hours. I want to start cooking those in the morning, so it is ready after I come from work in the evening. Is it safe to cook it on the gas? I put it on the smallest flame, so the amount of gas is very low. Are there generally any risks of some accident, or is the amount of gas so low, that when I open a window, the gas will be dissolved (in case that it would stop burning at some point in the process of cooking)?...Read more

Visual standard for gas flame levels

Is there a generally accepted notion of high/medium/low flame that can be expressed visually?I ask before concocting my own guidelines for peewee chefs, 8yrs+. Because there is wide variation in stove tops (Esp internationally), I want clear direction easy to remember.For example, maybe high flame licks the grate, while low only curls around burner head. Or maybe something about the color of the flame?Anything that can help define medium is most useful since the knob establishes highest and lowest flame....Read more

How do I stop metal-bottomed pots squeaking on my gas hob?

I have a gas hob and metal-bottomed pots. The support for the hob is made of metal and is coated in black plastic, like the image below. The previous owner has worn away at the layer of plastic that allows pots to move freely and quietly, so the metal is exposed.The problem I'm trying to solve is that skillets and pots squeak horribly when they are moved due to the metal-on-metal scraping. One option is to replace the support, but this seems wasteful and it will crop up again;Another option would be to heat the metal and use a plastic dip; in...Read more