ftp - Apache Camel multiple consumers

I've been working with Apache Camel for a while and doing some basic stuff, but now I'm trying to create a route in wich I can have multiple "consumers" to the same route, or add a consumer to the route and then process the message.My idea is to have an Event Driven Consumer wich is triggered by an event, and then to read a file from an ftp for example. I was planning to do something like this:from("direct:processFile") .from("ftp://localhost:21/folder?fileName=${body.fileName}") // etc. .log("Start downloading file ${file:name}.") .unmarsha...Read more

Sending files over ftp using Apache Camel

I've been trying to copy a file from the local directory to a remote directory. The problem is I don't know how to specify the address of the destination which is another computer. Can someone please show an example of ftp URL with ip address. It would be helpful if the URL also include user name, password, port and a specific path .Thanks....Read more

ftp - Camel JMS Queue Polling and data recovery

Hi I am new to Camel and have a design question related to JMS queues.I am receiving set of data. These data have a reference date. These data are sent every 15 minutes by a batch process.I have to process the received data and forward them to another route.If a given data cannot be processed, I need to reprocess it. And I have to ensure it is processed before the next data set is processed.So I was thinking of creating a JMS route to receive these data before processing. Then process it. Then send it to another queue.FTP --> Process data rows...Read more

Does FTP support paging?

During some testing, one of our teams reported timeouts attempting to access a directory via FTP. The cause was a bug in their code which had caused millions of tiny files to be created. From my understanding the reason for the timeout is the request asks for the directory's contents to be listed, and waits for a single response with all files. If instead the server immediately started returning results as they were found (think: yield return vs return), this would stave off the timeout. Similarly, if there were some option to return paged ...Read more

ssh - Uploading to EC2 problems. How do you do FTP?

I have setup a new EC2 instance on AWS and I'm trying to get FTP working to upload my application. I have installed VSFTPD as standard, so I haven't changed anything in the config file (/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf).I have not set my port 21 in the security group, because I'm doing it through SSH. I log into my EC2 through termal like sosudo ssh -L 21:localhost:21 -vi my-key-pair ec2-user@ec2-instanceI open up filezilla and log into local host. Everything goes fine until it comes to listing the directory structure. I can log in and right and everyth...Read more

Can we login to putty with FTP details

I tried to login with putty to the Server with FTP details Hostname, Username and Password. But it says Access Denied when i entered the Paassword.For my another Website i entered my hostname and click open in putty, it shows "Network Error: Connection timeout".But the 2 sites can be opened in FTP client like Smart FTP. To access through putty shall i need any permission or what else may be the problem.Where i can find Putty Details i.e., Username and Password to login to putty in SSL. I need to execute MYsql insttruction, do File transfer etc....Read more

ftp - Unable to connect my server with Filezilla after changing my name server to cloudflare

Hi I recently activated cloudflare to my domain, and I changed my name server pointing to cloudflare. After changing this, I couldn't able to connect my server through filezilla. When I changed my name server to old name server, it is working. So the real problem is with the name server pointing to cloudflare. So can anyone tell me how to solve this. Thanks in advance :)...Read more

How to download only current date file from FTPS using pentaho

I have a remote server which contains many backup files in a directory. I have to download it everyday but only the files with the date modified is TODAY. How to do it using Pentaho?Currently i used the job from pentaho Get a File with FTPS. But it will download all files. Idk how to filter for downloading only the files with today date modified.Thank you....Read more

ftp - .csv file issue with split lines in unix, not windows

got a problem I'm sure someone somewhere has encountered before. We'd been FTPing a customers .csv files down to our laptops, then SQLLoading them to our Oracle DB's, but network made it a slow process.. I set up a shell script to LFTP those files down to the Solaris DB box, and sqlload them - much faster. There were some character issues, so I was able to alter the NLS_LANG, and now see the same characters in the DB as when we go the windows route. 2 of these 7 files have issues..Of 500,000 records, a few thousand are written to a .bad file be...Read more

Apache Camel FTP Download does not delete remote file

First of all: I am quite new to Apache Camel and to Stack Overflow! I have created a route which filters and downloads files from an SFTP Server and deletes those after processing. My problem: On my local computer the route works perfectly. When I deploy this route (the same .war) on the production server, the download works but when the FTP component tries to delete the file I get the exception below. The development and production machine have the same camel, tomcat and java version. The only difference is the OS (Dev: Windows 7, Prod: Window...Read more

Apache Camel FTP component from a web application

I have an apache camel based web application. I have created restful routes using the camel servlet component. I have a requirement where I want to download a file from FTP to the local server when one of the restful URL in my application is invoked. I couldn't find any examples googling for it.Also is it possible to invoke camel FTP component from a timer or Quartz components?...Read more

Failover when reading from FTP sites using Camel

We need to download multiple files on a hourly basis from a vendors FTP site. The vendor provides two ftp sites for fault tolerance with both sites having identical files. I would like to setup a Camel route to download the files from ftp site A if its available and if not try ftp site B. The following code is incorrect but it may highlight what I am trying to achieve. from("timer://timer1?fixedRate=true&period=60m") .loadBalance() .failover(-1, false, true) .to("direct:ftp-symbolguides-1") .to("direct:ftp-s...Read more

Apache Camel FTP - How to start the route manually

This Camel route should start reading files from a Ftp-Server:from("sftp://user@...")Now, I don't want this to start automatically, or polling, or similar. This should be started manually (externally, JMX).I have other routes which are being triggered via a MBean, and I use for that the direct label:from("direct:myRoute1")Which is the best way to do the same and starting as the first action with an FTP-read functionality? Something like: from("direct:myRoute2").from("sftp://user@...").autoStartup(false)?This is not working. After the manual-JMX...Read more

Camel Recpient List and File/FTP Polling

I need to write a Camel route that poll a tones of ftp servers. The situation is pretty much the one described in this thread: am using Spring DSL and I don't seem to be able to piece things together. How are the templates mentioned in that thread relevant? Even with the file protocol, I wasn't lucky. here is what i tried to create:<from uri="file://C:/Temp?consumer.delay=1000"/> <recipientList parallelProcessing="true" delimiter=","> <simple&g...Read more