bpel - Apache ODE - How to redirect process endpoint?

I'm interested in use apache synapse to monitor Apache ODE invocations, exists any configuration to redirect all Apache ODE calls changing the endpoint and adding WSA-TO header?Exists any other way to do that just changing the apache ODE configuration?I've been looking in ODE's documentation all references to redirections are modifying the the processes definitions (BPELs) more

dma - Can a PCIe endpoint have several outbound request with same TAG?

I aware that if an PCIe endpoint send several read request to the host, the completion packets returned may not be in order, and then we need the tag field to reorder them.But I want to know if there is another way to identify the CPLD TLP?For example, if I send 2 read request of 128 Bytes with the same tag to the host, by return, if the CPLDs don't arrive in order, then is there any chance that I can identify and reorder them? Abbreviations: TLP - Transaction Layer Protocol CPLD - Completion Data...Read more

JItterBit HTTP Endpoint

I am working to set up a HTTP Endpoint in JitterBit, for this end point we have a system that will call this Endpoint and pass parameters through the URL to it. example...http://[server]:[server port]/EndPoint?Id={SalesForecID}&Status={updated status in SF}Would i need to use the Text File, JSON or XML Method for this? Follow up question would be if it is JSON or XML what would the file look like that is uploaded during creating the endpoint. I have tired with no success with the text file version. any help would be great....Read more

endpoint - accessing swiftstack using keystone

I have been trying to use keystone to connect to swift.I want to create the endpoint using the command:keystone endpoint-create --region $REGION --service-id $SWIFT_SERVICE --publicurl "http://$SWIFT_IP/v1/KEY_\$(tenant_id)s" --adminurl "http://$SWIFT_IP/v1" --internalurl "http://$SWIFT_IP/v1/KEY_\$(tenant_id)s"I just want to ask, what should the publicurl, adminurl and internalurl be?...Read more

How to redirect messages from one endpoint to another using java websockets (jsr 356)

I am doing a personal project to learn about java websockets. Basically my HTML clients sends messages to my server through JSR 356 websockets. The endpoint @ServerEndpoint("/wsServer") receives all messages from the clients and I would like to see those messages in another portal/endpoint @ServerEndpoint("/wsDashboard") as a dashboard in real time.I would appreciate any idea, documentation or piece of code to start with as I really have no idea, I have seen solutions like apache kafka, but I am not sure if this is what I need.thanks...Read more

libusb - know a usb device's endpoint

Is there a bash command, a program or a libusb function (although I did not find one) which indicates me what are the OUT or IN endpoints of a usb device ?For example, bNumEndpoints of libusb_interface_descriptor (from libusb1.0 library) shows me my usb drive has 3 endpoints, but how can I know what is their idnumber ?...Read more

How does WS-addressing create "Stateful" Endpoints (JBossWS)

So reading JBoss administration guide I see that WS-addressing is used to create "stateful endpoints." I understand that WS-addressing creates a standard for specifying the messaging routing data within the SOAP headers of a web service... but I'm not sure how that relates to the state of the endpoints. Here is something from Wikipedia: WS-Addressing supports the use of asynchronous interactions by specifying a common SOAP header (wsa:ReplyTo) that contains the endpoint reference (EPR) to which the response is to be sent. The service provid...Read more

endpoint - Instagram API get bulk objects by comma separated IDs

I have a simple application where I have a bulk Instagram object ids. I'm looking for an API, from where I can send the ids as a comma separated string or in a similar fashion and get a list of Instagram objects. I'm unable to find an endpoint in the official Instagram API.I do not want to retrieve each object one by one as I require to retrieve a bulk data and retrieving one by one would be too time consuming, and would exhaust my resources.A similar function in twitter can be found below more

Amadeus cheapest dates REST endpoint not working

I'm trying to reach the endpoint of the cheapest dates and I'am always getting the following error. "status": 500, "title": "SYSTEM ERROR HAS OCCURRED", "detail": "No price result found for requested destination"It's not possible to find anything. I've tried for example, MAD to BCN (A typical flight). The same issue occurs from JFK to LAX... and so on.I'm trying to reach the endpoint calling it and adding my Bearer accessToken and everything is fine (no errors) but I don't get any result. more

endpoint - How to filter an REST Result by sending custom request header parameter

i have an ASP.NET Core 1.1 WebApi Endpoint like this one:[ApiVersion("1.0")][Route("api/[controller]")]public class SampleController : Controller{ [HttpGet] public IActionResult Get() { ... }}It returns a collection of 'Sample'-Objects to the caller. Now i do like to send within the Request Header a Custom Attribute like 'App-Type' which let the Endpoint know which App asks for Data. But what is to do that the endpoint fetches this Attribute so that i have it as variable within the function?...Read more

Defining endpoints in Virtuoso

How can I define a new endpoints for my ontology in Virtuoso? I was able to upload my ontology via Virtuoso Conductor in the RDF Store Upload tab. Now I need to define a set of endpoints to be able to use them in my application via HTTP. Is there any tab in Virtuoso Conductor that implements a user friendly interface for creating an end point, and how can I do it? Do I need to use some external tool?...Read more