Intra-forest AD Migration with Sharepoint repermissions

We are in mid way of Intra-forest AD Migration wherein the accounts with sid-history is getting migrated to the root domain. In nutshell we are collapsing the domains.Sharepoint ENterprise Server 2010 is installed in the child domain.After a user batch migration we are planning to use stsadm.exe -o migrate user or move-user to associate the permissions with the new migrated account.We also have Mysite wherein users are uploading their photos and other stuff. How should be take care of My site profiles so that new migrated AD user has the same p...Read more

Mass edit document Id during migration

I have a group that wants to migrate a document library from a sharepoint 2003 site to o365. Their documents are manually numbered right now, but they want to switch to using sp2013 automatic document IDs. Their documents contain references to each other based on the old numbering system.Does anyone know a of a good method to mass edit the internal document references to reflect the new IDs that will be generated by sharepoint? Is there a way to do a find and replace across an entire document library?...Read more

How to migrate Documents from SP 2010 on premise to O365 and keep the Document ID

We've been using the Document ID feature on our on premise 2010 farm. We use the generated Document ID and make sure the value is placed on the front page of the documents. Now we're going to migrate this site collection to O365. It is important that we keep the Document ID for all documents and ensures that all new documents created in the O365 farm get unique Document ID values. I'm thinking that I can use a different prefix to avoid duplicate id's. The remaining problem is to migrate the content with Document ID to O365.I've looked at differ...Read more