How would omitting Ciphers affect play in Demon: The Descent? - Rol

I am intrigued by Demon: The Descent, but it seems like the game is weighted down by inelegant vocabulary and rules. One particular element is that each Demon has a Cipher - a set of four special "spells" (Embeds) that when learned and hooked together give the character new specialized Embeds (Interlocks) related to those in the Cipher and provide a key to the character's self-understanding. The player and character don't know what this Cipher will be and there are mechanics for it being revealed over time.I can imagine dropping it from the ga...Read more

What is the motivation for demons to maintain their Cover? - Rol

I am still trying to understand the fundamental dynamics of Demon: The Descent. One of the main elements is a character's "Cover" - her appearance as a normal human. Loss of cover means discovery by the main antogonist, the God-Machine. The GM is simultaneously ubiquitous and extremely powerful (to maintain the equivalent of the tension of living in a totalitarian state for players) while simultaneously completely hidden from view. I assume that, in public, a demon might get an angel to back down by threatening to escalate the battle so that i...Read more

What is the penalty on the compromise roll when going full Demon in total privacy? - Rol

One of the few, reliable ways to regain Aether in Demon: The Descent is to go full Demon (but not going Loud). This gives you one Aether point. Going full Demon calls for a compromise role with a hefty penalty: Assuming demonic form: Fully shedding human form and taking demonic shape is always a compromise. This roll is made at a –3 penalty. Staying in demonic form for longer than a scene is likewise a compromise, with a further –1 penalty per scene.However, later descriptions on compromise rolls indicate that if witnesses are unreliable (e.g...Read more

demon the descent - Can an angel's Cover degrade? - Rol

The rules for angels having Cover versus the Mortal Mask Numina are a bit unclear. However, I assume that since the DtD core book refers to angels having Cover, that this is the mechanism by which angels who take on human form do so in the material world.Given that no angel has a Cover rating, does this mean that their Cover is immune to compromise? That there is no investigation, inconsistency or odd behavior that could force a Compromise roll for the angel's cover?...Read more

Can there be Agendas in Demon: The Descent *not* oriented about the God Machine? - Rol

The Agendas listed in Demon: The Descent seem pretty limited. (They are Inquisitor, Saboteur, Integrator and Tempter). Everything seems fundamentally obsessed the the God-Machine. What about Unchained who: Are inspired by Mankind's ability to create art and want to foster it?Care about the environment and want to preserve it from both Man and God Machine?Believe that all other Supernaturals (vamps, etc.) are errors in Creation and work toward their destruction?Fight for justice since they believe it is superior to the plans of the God Mac...Read more

demon the descent - How would the addition or removal of age affect those involved in a pact? - Rol

After doing some research on this site, I found the answer to the question of how a demon would heal someone with a pact, mechanically, in "When does a demon become "someone else" in a Cover?" The answer to that was, as suspected, to file it under "Cover," for the demon.After I giggled at the idea of a pact-maker trading their pet cat in exchange for the "privilege" of getting their arthritis taken away (I now see what the book meant about demons scamming people), I wondered, "How might a demonic pact work to reverse someone's age?"The question...Read more

demon the descent - How do angels stay materialized for long-term missions? - Rol

In "Demon: The Descent" (p.348) we learn Materialization lasts for one hour per success on the activating roll. When the duration ends, the entity fades back into Twilight. Physical contact with a Bane or removal of a prerequisite condition can cause the Condition to end early.However, we also meet angels (which are ephemeral by nature and live in Twilight) who have missions that last for years. How do they stay materialized?...Read more

demon the descent - What is the density of Infrastructure? - Rol

How common is Infrastructure in Demon: The Descent? That is, should a Demon expect there to be several pieces of it in every town? Is it as common as Starbucks (every few blocks in an urban setting), a shopping mall (one or two in a decent sized town, more near a city) or power plants (one per city) or FBI offices (few and far between)?I am asking because the setting evokes a spy in a police state, which implies ubiquity. On the other hand, Infrastructure is secret and having it on every block seems hard to keep hidden. To use movies as ana...Read more