storage - Why does fresh coriander deteriorate so quickly?

I realize that, as I live in a northerly climate, I cannot expect to have fresh herbs like coriander always available at my beck and call. Yet, yesterday I bought a lovely, thick bunch of coriander at the cheapo-supermarket closest to my home and it was fantastic: profuse, aromatic, and fully tumescent.Now, 24 hours later, even though I refrigerated it in an vase with water (it has the roots still attached) it is looking like sh*t. I know that greens deteriorate over time but the turn around time in this case seems ridiculous to me. Italian par...Read more

Excess coriander in mutton curry

I have made a mutton curry with onion, tomato, garam masala and chilli powder, after marinating the mutton in coriander, garlic and ginger.However, the coriander in the marination has been excess and hence the curry is overpowered by coriander flavor. How can I get rid of this excess coriander flavor? Help!...Read more