configuration - How to parametrize Cloud Foundry service instance?

My problem can be reduced to this case:I want to have a service with single REST entrypoint returning some message. Because it is very useful to me I would like to have few instances of it but each returning different message that I specify. Of course each of those service instances would be bound to few apps. So I wonder how to accomplish something like that.It looks to me that the best way to do this would be passing some parameters during create call on broker ( But...Read more

Docker configuration using the systemd configuration style

I note that the Docker documentation is gradually moving towards the systemd method of initialisation and hence configuration. I'm somewhat uncertain how you add "insecure-registry" entries to Docker when using the systemd configuration method.Whilst using Docker version 1.6.1 I was able to add multiple insecure-registry entries by adding to the file:/etc/sysconfig/dockera line much like the following:INSECURE_REGISTRY='--insecure-registry --insecure-registry'and restarting Docker with t...Read more

configuration - Language-agnostic Rules Specification

One of the requirements in my current project is to be able to select a target URL for a client based on certain conditions, and these conditions may have AND/OR operators and have nested conditions as well. A rudimentary cooked-up example:if (device == 'android' || device == 'iOS') { if ( (flag1 == 'x' && productId == 'ABC123') || (flag1 == 'y' && productId == 'EFG345') ) { return url1; }}else if (device == 'mac' || device == 'windows') { ...}Pretty simple if you are building this service, but our challenge is that...Read more

configuration - How to deal with feature toggling when a new feature requires massive changes in codebase?

Feature toggling works perfectly for a new functionality - in most cases the functionality should be simply surrounded with some UI container that will be visible or not based on feature configuration. But how feature toggling could be used if a new feature requires massive changes in existing code base? I can not use 'copy & change', because obviously it is much worse than feature branching - I'll not get any merge conflicts. So what are the best practices for such requirements?...Read more

configuration - configuring AEM dispatcher 6.2 CSRF filters

I am trying to follow the instruction on the adobe checklist, but there are no examples on how to configure this filter or test that it works. Looking for any insight and example of how this should work on the dispatcher.The dispatcher checklist /0084 { /type "allow" /path "/libs/granite/csrf/token.json" /extension '(json)' }I assume this is correct but I have no way of verifying. also no idea how I can create a filter for: Creating a filter to allow the CSRF-Token headerAppreciate your help in advance...Read more

configuration - How do I prevent a Gateway Timeout with FastCGI on Nginx

I am running Django, FastCGI, and Nginx. I am creating an api of sorts that where someone can send some data via XML which I will process and then return some status codes for each node that was sent over.The problem is that Nginx will throw a 504 Gateway Time-out if I take too long to process the XML -- I think longer than 60 seconds.So I would like to set up Nginx so that if any requests matching the location /api will not time out for 120 seconds. What setting will accomplish that.What I have so far is: # Handles all api calls locati...Read more

configuration - DNS: Do the NS names set for a zone have to match the NS names reported by the upstream TLD servers?

I've noticed that several service providers are operating DNS services for their clients' domains with NS names set for the zone and returned by the authoritative name server (in authority section / NS & SOA records) that don't match the NS names returned by the upstream server (e.g. TLD servers) and which were used for the lookup.Example:$ dig NS; <<>> DiG 9.4.2-P1 <<>> NS;; global options: printcmd;; Got answer:;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NO...Read more

configuration - AWS IAM user policy to restrict access to specific SQS queue

I'm trying to setup a user policy for a AWS IAM user to access a specific AWS SQS queue.When I try with below policy, I get the error AccessDenied. { "Statement": [ { "Action": ["sqs:*"], "Effect": "Allow", "Resource": ["arn:aws:sqs:us-east-1:my_aws_account_id:queue_name"] } ]}However, when I trying using the same policy, only replacing the queue_name part of arn with *, it works:{ "Statement": [ { "Action": ["sqs:*"], "Effect": "Allow", "Resource": ["arn:aws:sqs:us-east-1:my_aws_account_id:*"] } ...Read more

configuration - Configure code folding in LightTable

LightTable has code folding since v0.6.1, it's key binding is C-= by default. It works for Python files out of the box, but it does nothing with Clojure files. The Codemirror code sets fold to "indent" at My question is how can I add code folding to a file type that's not handled by Codemirror by default. I'd like to do it without having to touch a js file, hopefully writing only a little ClojureScript in my user settings....Read more

jms - Message Driven bean external configuration for JBoss with IBM MQ

I am working on a Notification Service using IBM MQ messaging provider with JBoss eap 6.1 environment. I am successfully able to send messages via MQ JCA provider rar i.e. wmq.jmsra.rar file. However on consumer part my current configuration looks like this @MessageDriven( activationConfig = { @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName="destinationType", propertyValue="javax.jms.Queue"), @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName="destination", propertyValue="F2.QUEUE"), @ActivationConfigProperty(property...Read more

configuration - SSH compression for X11 forwarding

I’m on the East coast of the United States, SSHing into a server on the West coast. I’ve managed to get X11 forwarding working so I can launch GUI apps for certain tasks where it’s helpful. However, for all the X11-forwarded apps (especially emacs!), there is so much lag between input (keystrokes, mouse clicks, etc.) and response that it sometimes goes from being incredibly frustrating to potentially harmful—when I intend to do A, but B happens because the lag is so great.Is SSH compression a potential culprit? What kind of compression shoul...Read more

gnome 3 - How and where does dconf/GSettings store configuration data?

Yesterday I tried updating from MATE 1.4 to MATE 1.6. I didn't like some things about it, and I decided to switch back, at least for now. One of the changes was a switch from the mateconf configuration system to GNOME 3's GSettings. As I understand this is a frontend to a system called dconf (or connected some other way).This rendered many of my settings viod. I figured I could try to migrate them, but unlike gconf and mateconf, which created convenient folders in my home directory and filled them with XML I could edit or copy, I wasn't able t...Read more