nameservers - Separate Domain Registrar and Host, possible to use CDN?

I am just wondering if this is possible/how I could go about doing this.I work for a company that has their domain name registered on Site A while their hosting is on Site B. This is no issue as we just have the Registrar at Site A point the Name Servers to Site B. Easy. Where I get a little confused, is say I would like to use a CDN such as CloudFlare (Site C), typically in a basic case, I would go to the registrar/host and just change my Name Servers to the ones given by CloudFlare. However if my Registrar and Domain Host are different, it ap...Read more

Hosting Javascript/CSS file on CDN similar to Google hosting jQuery

I am wondering if there are any hosts or if I can host my file (JS & CSS) on Google so that they are cached and load real quick (due to CDN and gzip). A number of my customers use these files and I would prefer if they could somehow include this to file to receive the JS file. Ideally with filename.js?publickey=sdfgsdfg (which will be tied to a particular domain name).The problem is that my hosting needs are very small- only about 100kb.Any suggestions? My problem is that the customers using the JS & CSS file, have no clue about gzippin...Read more

cdn - Cloudflare IP not near my place

could you please help me understand why am I getting Phoenix IP address when I ping my service? This site is fully behind Cloudflare CDN so I would expect it will serve me nearest datacenter which is Prague, Europe. Not Phoenix.Ip I´m getting thank you...Read more

cdn - Do Cloudfront images expire?

We are using Amazon cloudfront to serve static files from our website. We are copying these image references to another database on a mobile app, so that the images in the app are served from Cloudfront as well, so we need the URL to be permanent.A URL for an image on our site looks something like this: mtime:1493753067 in the URL makes me wonder if the URL will ...Read more

cdn - How can I avoid zero-byte files on Cloudfront edge locations?

We've just discovered that one of Cloudfront's edge locations is returning a zero-byte file for one of our javascript assets. The invalidation is running right now, but I'm beginning to think this phenomenon may be the source of widespread but strangely un-reproducible bugs that our customers have been reporting for months now.We're using Cloudfront with a Custom Origin (Nginx serving static files from an EC2 server). It would appear that with every deploy to our application that introduces new asset names (e.g. changed file version), we have a...Read more

cdn - Amazon CloudFront creates a new connection to Wowza Streaming Engine for each user

We are using Wowza Streaming Engine for live streaming, and thought we can use Amazon CloudFront to deliver the video to viewers to reduce the load on our servers and stop worrying how much bandwidth we consume.Users use HLS to watch the video on iOS devices, the URLs look like this: http://[cdnHash][origin]_[stream_name]/playlist.m3u8. We have a number of servers across the world, so we created several Behaviours in CloudFront, so it knows where to get each stream, depending on the [origin] piece of the URL as Path Pattern...Read more

cdn - How cloudfront works?

I'm planning to Implement CDN(Content Delivery Network) of Amazon which is known as CloudFront in ASP.NET MVC3 with c#.I've googled about it but little bit confuse about few things mentions below.Is it compulsory that we have to uploads all static resources to CDN Network first and then we can use or Is it manageable by Amazon to crawl site static resources which is predefine folder or directory of sites?Is Amazon automatic update its copies when we anything change in static resources or every time we have to upload updated resources to CDN net...Read more

cdn - Is Subresource Integrity actually working?

I've decided to add SRI to our CDN scripts, but I want to test if it's working. If I manually change the hash the script still loads. I'd be expecting some kind of error code or something in the console.So for instance, this is the correct hash:<script crossorigin="anonymous" integrity="sha256-ZosEbRLbNQzLpnKIkEdrPv7lOy9C27hHQ+Xp8a4MxAQ= sha384-nvAa0+6Qg9clwYCGGPpDQLVpLNn0fRaROjHqs13t4Ggj3Ez50XnGQqc/r8MhnRDZ sha512-jGsMH83oKe9asCpkOVkBnUrDDTp8wl+adkB2D+//JtlxO4SrLoJdhbOysIFQJloQFD+C4Fl1rMsQZF76JjV0eQ=="src=" more

CDN suggestions for Wowza

Currently I am looking at different CDN networks to bring our site, VOD and the VOD content to a CDN based solution.Requirements:a) A Webserver (Apache, Mysql) (not necessarily) andb) A Streaming Server (preferably Wowza), which has to have the VOD Content cloud-based,meaning edge-oriented. (necessary!)The reason I need Wowza is because it covers a very big spectrum of streams for end-devices,and security, which we need. (and please don't suggest Amazon streaming, because it's flash)The problem in general we had with amazon etc. is, that they d...Read more

Rackspace CDN TTL

I am using Rackspace ubuntu cloud servers and I'm also using Rackspace CDN images for my static web contents. Sometimes I'll have to update some images/css in the CDN and they will not be reflected immediately. The CDN has an option TTL from the range 1 to 72 in hours. I am failing to understand what the TTL is about and what TTL number suits me best. Sometimes the URL of the CDN images change and when it happens? Anybody could help me please?...Read more

Writing HTML - img tags when using CDN

I'm trying to get into CDN since my image-heavy website is on a shared hosting which spells disaster for visitors. I've looked into main "disadvantages" of CDN like late caching etc. and I've seen a lot of people advise putting images on separate subdomains or domains and serve them to CDN from there.So if I'm not mistaken - when using CDN I'm basically putting CDN links for images in the regular img tags on my site and when I update that image on my CDN I have to wait for all the servers under that CDN catch up with the new file?...Read more

Rackspace CDN container organization

I'm developing a web platform that may reach some million of users where I need to store users' images and docs.I'm using Rackspace and now I need to define the files logic into cloud files service.Rackspace allows to create up to 500,000 containers with an account (reference page 17, paragraph 4.2.2) and in addition they suggest to limit each container size up to 500,000 objects (reference Best practice - Limit the Number of Objects in Your Container), which is the best practice for users files management?One container for user don't seems to ...Read more

gcloud - Google cloud CDN, storage and container engine issue with backend-service

I have a specific use case that I can not seem to solve.A typical gcloud setup:A K8S clusterA gcloud storage bucketA gcloud loadbalancerI managed to get my domain to points to a google storage backend without any issue: I can access files. Its the backend service one that fails.I would like the CDN to act as a cache, when a HTTP request hits it such as, if it does not have a copy of the asset it should query an other domain understood that this...Read more