bootstrap-multiselect rebuild/refresh not working

I have 2 bootstrap-multiselect boxes. I want to refresh the items in one based on the selections made in the other via an Ajax call.Everything work except that the that the multiselect uses to disoplay the options is not being populated by either 'rebuild' or 'refresh'.Code:Decalring the multiselect" $('#Groups').multiselect({ onChange: function (option, checked) { //get all of the selected tiems var values = $('#Groups option:selected'); var selected = ""; $(values).each(function (inde...Read more

Boostrap Multiselect remove "All Selected" and actually show all selected

I'm using the Bootstrap Multiselect jquery plugin.My problem is, if the user selects all options, I want it to actually display all the selections like thisCheese, Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, OnionsInstead, once I select the 6th option, it displays thisAll Selected (6)Here's my code<select id="example-numberDisplayed" multiple="multiple"> <option value="cheese">Cheese</option> <option value="tomatoes">Tomatoes</option> <option value="mozarella">Mozzarella</option> <option ...Read more

Bootstrap multiselect dropdown doesn't open

I have a page with two Bootstrap multiselect dropdowns. They're being created and rendering properly. (That is, I see a dropdown rather a regular select list.) But when I click on them, the dropdowns don't drop open. To post here, I've simplified considerably. (I'm actually generating the options with PHP code. But even then, the Debugger shows me that the options are present.) I'm sure I must be missing something simple here, since I've gotten this working for another site and the code seems to be totally analogous. HTML: <select id=...Read more

How to Select box value selected from db values in boostrap multiselect js?

How to selected Db values selected in select dropdown list like PHP in Multiselect boostrap dropdown?For example Php coding,$array = array("apple", "orange", "lemon");<select><option value=""></option><?phpforeach ($array as $data) { ?> <option value="<?php echo $data ?>" <?php if ($data == "orange") echo "selected"; ?>><?php echo $data ?></option><?php } ?>In php db value select using Selected,How in Boostrap Multiselect js?<button type="button" class="multiselect dropdown-to...Read more

bootstrap multiselect adding custom text input

I am trying to add a text box as one of the options because I am using the multiselect as a filtering element on a separate list. I want the text box to act as a free text filter.I have tried many things but cant get this to work...I tried enabledHTML and inserted the input box in the option however although the textbox shows it is disabled (i cant enter any text - it seems to be blocked by a parent element but I cant figure out which one)I tried to hijack the textbox that shows up when using enableFiltering. The problem is I cant seem to disab...Read more

Bootstrap Multiselect filtering values based on another dropdown

I'm working on cascading the multi-select based on the values of the data-attributes on another. I have this method which is called inside the onChanged event of the parent. By parent I mean what to filter the child by i.e Parent = Department MultiselectChild = Staff Multiselect. The child element has a data attribute of data-departmentid. function cascadeMultiselect(control, targetControl, key) { this.control = control; this.targetControl = targetControl; this.key = key; this.toHide = []; this.toShow =[]...Read more