When an automatic belt tensioner is rattling, which component is rattling?

I have a rattling automatic belt tensioner on my 2002 Infiniti Q45. I've spoken with 2 mechanics, one of them at the Infiniti dealership, who told me a rattling belt tensioner, while annoying, is not indicative of a failing part. They instructed me to replace the tensioner when the belts are replaced.Well, the time has arrived for belt replacement and I'm finding there are different components for replacing on belt tensioners: the pulley and the assembly. To see such options on this car, see this O'Reilly Auto page.It would clearly be much less...Read more

Prevention against turning of the camshaft during the tensioner replacing in 1 cylinder 2 valves 4 stroke engine

I was wondering if there is any machanism preventing a camshaft against turning during service. It may happen that, when you turn off your engine, the camshaft stops in a position where lobe opens a valve. Then a tension from spring occurs between rocker and camshaft.When you unscrew a tensioner, a timing chain becomes loose.What prevents camshaft from being turned by the rocker, especially in 2v engine, where the second lobe doesn't push the other rocker in the same time and can't stop the possible movement.I was looking for some kind of block...Read more

What is the proper way to use the belt adjusting bolt when changing belts on a civic?

I found this great answer, the second one: part (7) and (8) it says to turn the belt adjusting bolt counter-clockwise to loosen the belt. But how do I gauge the bolt and belt tension after I put the new belts on? How do I know when I've screwed the bolt enough, too much or too little?Thank you...Read more