Why do some instructors care so much about attendance?

It seems that in higher education, some instructors either do not care at all whether students attend, and others care minimally (often resulting in a 1-5% attendance grade or tie-breaker rule).However there are also many instructors who seem to feel very, very strongly about attendance, and take it upon themselves to enforce this in various ways.For instance, I was shocked by a recent question claiming that 15% of the grade would be lost for missing 2 lectures - according to the question author, the class meets so frequently that this would co...Read more

attendance - Is there anything a student could or should do about a professor who gives lectures so dry that less than 10% of the class turn up?

He's clearly a very nice man, but his delivery is reasonably monotonous, and his lecture material is reams and reams of definitions and rules.I make sure to attend every lecture, and try my best to concentrate, but do find I have had to use other sources (generally online) to be able to answer the questions he sets.All my peers that I have asked, say they find him very boring....Read more

What systems are most effective for monitoring student attendance?

I work in the Computing and Mathematics School at my university (UK). This year the School has adopted a fairly aggressive policy regarding student attendance. If a student has a poor – or zero – attendance rate, the student is contacted and a dialogue opened. This has many benefits including identifying those students who have possible undiscovered or undeclared learning difficulties. If a student’s attendance rate remains poor following a first intervention, a process of issuing formal warnings commences, culminating with the withdrawal of t...Read more

Is it fine to cancel class on days before national holidays, due to low attendance?

So, thanksgiving break is coming up. On my campus, a large portion of the students leave early Wednesday to get back home. The break doesn't officially start until Thursday, but since that is the holiday the students (understandably) leave earlier.I teach on Wednesdays (among other days). I had forgotten about this poor attendance when I planned my syllabus and am currently planning to teach new material next Wednesday.Now, I anticipate about 75% of the class (50 total students) will be absent. They knew I would be teaching new material that da...Read more