angular material - AngularJS, mdList, ng-repeat and generators

Generator:$scope.inside = [...];var generator = function*() { var l = Math.ceil($scope.inside.length / 3); for (var i = 0; i < 3; i++) { yield $scope.inside.slice(l * i, l * (i + 1)); }};$scope.insideDivided = generator();Template:<md-list flex ng-repeat="column in [1,2,3]"> <md-list-item ng-click="log(button.url)" ng-repeat="button in"> {{log(button)}} {{button.title}} </md-list-item></md-list>Instruction {{log(button)}} write correct items to cons...Read more

angularjs ng repeat - Bootstrap table striped: How do I change the stripe background colour ONLY FOR 1 COLUMN?

I have similar question to Bootstrap table striped: How do I change the stripe background colour?. But the main difference is that I would like to change the alternation of colors only for one column.This is the cose of my ng-table, I would like to change the background colour of the first column with title 'Srv' <table ng-table="fondiTable_C" class="table table-condensed table-bordered table-striped" template-pagination="app/components/gestioneFondi/pagerTemplate.html"> <tr ng-repeat="fondo in data_C"> ...Read more

angularjs ng repeat - Dynamics charts using chartist and angular with ng-repeate

I now and I can show a chart with dynamic data but a fixed number of chart. When I want to show a dynamic number of charts, something happens with ng-repeate. I said something happens, because if in mycharts[0].container.outerHTML I had the html that I need to show the graph (generated by the library), and if I copy and paste in a fixed place in my html, it will show the graph. My ng-repeate code looks as follow:<div class="row" ng-controller="nodesDataTablesCtrl as nodeCtrl" > <div ng-repeat="(index, node) in nodeCtrl.nodes" on-fin...Read more

angularjs ng repeat - ngRepeat in ui router

i have a dynamic form that is generated from a jsonand my ngRepeat looks like this: <div ng-repeat="(q, w) in"> <div class="form-group"> <label for="{{q}}">{{q}}</label> <input type="text" class="form-control" name="{{q}}" ng-model="{{q}}"> </div> </div>so the problem is that the {{q}} in the ng-model isnt showing the data... but in the label an...Read more

Multiple filter in ng-repeat

I need help with filtering data in ng-repeat. I've tried to do few things but I can't find solution that works in my case. I need to to something like this:sensor in sensors | filter: { group:, (name: search || description: search) }Search is ng-model (text input) and is ID of group that are genereted in ng-repeat (I have two nested ng-repeat). I've tried to do my filter:$ = ''; $scope.searchFilter = function() { return function (p) { if ($!='') { for (var i in p) { ...Read more

Bootstrap tooltip not rendering with angular ng-repeat

I am trying to create tooltip for first row of a table created through ng-repeat.But tooltip is not rendering.HTML <tr ng-repeat="item in govtFiltered> <td class="name" data-toggle="tooltip" data-content="{{item.hospitalName}}" title="{{item.hospitalName}}"></td></tr><script> $(document).ready(function () { $('[data-toggle="tooltip"]').tooltip(); });</script>...Read more

overzealous filter on nested ng-repeat

I have a series of ng-repeated ul/li sets, and I want to make one set of li's visible when a link at the ul level is clicked. My code is based around the answer found here: which suggests that model mutation is the right way to do this.The filter seems to be more zealous than anticipated, and I end up with nothing.How can I achieve this functionality?div ng-controller="DeviceController"> <ul ng-repeat="category in devices"> <a ng-click="setCategory(category)">{{}}</a&...Read more

selecteditem - AngularJS 1.x: How to highlight active menu item one a time (not multiples)?

it may seem trivial, but how to select one at a time?When I click other items, previous item should turn false and only current item should be selected.Here is the working plnkr: Thanks.<section ng-controller="DemoController"><div ng-repeat="item in list" ng-click="selectItem(item)"> <span ng-class="{'active' : item.selected }">{{}}</span></div>$scope.list = [{ name: 'Item 1', selected: true},{ name: 'Item 2', selected: false},{ name: 'Item 3', se...Read more

ng-repeat over $http request in Angular

I made $http request in Angular to retrieve some data. $scope.method='GET'; $scope.url='/files/file.js'; $scope.fetch=function(){ $http({ method:$scope.method, url:'files', headers:{'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'}, }) .success(function(data,status){ $scope.status=status; $; console.log(data); console.log(status); }) .error(function(data,s...Read more

angularjs ng repeat - Printing text from a Protractor repeater

I have the following e2e test that works fine: var results = ptor.findElements(protractor.By. repeater('phone in phones').column('')); results.then(function(arr) { expect(arr.length).toEqual(2); });Instead of the count/length, I want to have a test that checks for the text the results, something like:expect(repeater('.phones li', 'Phone List').column('')). toEqual(["Motorola XOOM\u2122 with Wi-Fi", "MOTOROLA XOOM\u2122"]);but using Protractor syn...Read more

Multiple ng-repeat in a table row

I want to use angularJS and use a ng-repeat to display my data. I have a JSON where i have to group a particular row of items by id/name. I am not sure how to achieve the particular output. i have added a snipped with the output i require.var obj = [{ "id": 101, "name": "Victor", "address": "Mumbai" "order": [{ "itemName": "Bulb", "quantity": 10 }, { "itemName": "Soap", "quantity": 3 }, { "itemName": "Towel", "quantity": 1 } ] }, { "id": 102, "name": "Fran...Read more

angularjs ng repeat - jqwidgets angular tree widget not working in jsfiddle

I'm working with the new jqwidgets-angular version, released just last month in September.The gridtree is working great, but having trouble with the tree widget.FYI: This is based on the angular-tree demo here:'s the jsfiddle I'm working on, but cannot get tree to render here: tree widgetSo two things:1) Can someone help me get this jsfiddle working ?2) Can someone help me get the jqx-tree to render using ng-repeatHere's the code from that jsfi...Read more