Ui-tabset and bootstrap-daterangepicker not working together?

I have an application where I am using ui-bootstrap-tabs. documentation here. With the ng-bs-daterangepicker.The behavior I am observing is that whenever I put the daterangepicker inside the ui-tab. It is not able to catch the events attached to it. But when I move that input tag outside the ui-tabs, it's able to catch the events associated with it. I have created a working plunker to highlight my issue.<body ng-app="myApp"> <div ng-controller="testController"> <uib-tabset> <uib-tab index="0" heading="Drivers...Read more

angular bootstrap - Slick carousel has 0px width when loaded in collapsed tab

When loading slick slider in collapsed content (angular-bootstrap collapse plugin in this case) the .slick-track div gets 0px width, resulting in the slider trying to fit all slides on top of eachother. When pressing arrow to see next slide, the slides go back to normal. If I select the slider and want to check the components in my browser, it also goes back to normal.Please see this example: is the slick configuration I'm using:$(document).ready(function(){ $('.tourImageSlider').slick({...Read more

angular bootstrap - uib-datepicker-popup: calendar displays, button bar buttons function properly, but day buttons do not

I'm using uib-datepicker-popup fairly heavily in my application. It has worked perfectly until this specific instance.I am using it exactly the same as I have in every other instance of my application, but it only half works.The "Today", "Clear" and "Done" buttons in the bottom bar work as expected (hitting "today" puts the date in the input and hides the calendar, "clear" clears the input and hides the calendar, "done" hides the calendar). However, when I select any date/day on the calendar it highlights it, but the date does not populate in t...Read more

Angular UI Bootstrap Pagination in ng-if

I've got a pagination component wrapped in an ng-if directive. You can see the currentPage updating in the view binding. The controller logs the currentPage each time it's changed, but it doesn't seem to update within the scope of the controller. Is the ng-if directive creating a different scope than the controller? Can someone explain why it's not updating within the pageChanged method in the snippet below?Note: The pagination component works as expected outside of an ng-if directive. I'm just trying to understand what's going on.angular.modul...Read more