ai design - How to estimate the cost and time to complete an AI Projects

If you are a freelancer, when a client asks to create a website we can easily measure how much the total cost is needed based on the requirements of the client. (the backend, UI/UX design, features, etc.). We can even measure the estimated time of completion.What if a client asks you to make an AI project (image recognition, speech recognition, or NLP), how do you tell the client the estimated cost and time needed to complete the project in the beginning? because the results obtained can be very different for each data used...Read more

ai design - Can a program that requires feedback be considered an AI?

If I create a program which takes an input, gives an output and then requires a response to let it know whether the answer it gave was any good does it count as AI? If not, what is the process of AI? Does it not always need specific parameters? For example, I ask it "Who is the president of the USA?", and I have programmed it to look for news articles in SEOs and remove the "Who" part, is that AI?...Read more

ai design - Changing the batch, mini-batch and learning rate for a previously-trained model

If I'd previously trained a model and saved the whole training session (using TensorFlow, and then later restored the session (using TensorFlow tf.train.Saver.restore()) but then wanted to train using different hyperparameters (batch/mini-batch and learning rate), then I assume the optimizer would need to be reset. Is that the only part of the previous session that would need to reset?...Read more

ai design - Create an AI to solve a puzzle (by deduction)

Some puzzle games have a unique solution that can be solved by deduction rather than guesswork (e.g. Slitherlink, Masyu). Using a computer to solve this puzzle it's pretty easy, we can use a backtracking method to find the best solution in second (in general, the puzzle size is not too big). Is it possible to train a bot to solve this kind of puzzle by deduction?I think by train it to watch a previous step-by-step solution several times the bot can find some implicit rules/patterns to solve a specific puzzle. Is this possible? are there any re...Read more

ai design - How would an AI work out this question?

I am trying to create an AI that makes reasonable guesses at truths of statements. However...Human: "Prove that no number exists which is one more than a billion."AI: "Is it true for the number 1? No. I am 1% sure the statement is correct."AI: "Is it true for the number 2? No. I am 2% sure the statement is correct."...AI: "Is it true for the number 999,999? No. I am 99.99% sure the statement is correct."AI: "Having tested a large number of examples. I conclude that the statement is correct."Human: "The statement is wrong: one billion and one."W...Read more

ai design - How to verify your ideas for AI model

I have very practical problem. When I would like to solve some "harder" problems, I usually have multiple ideas how to solve it. My problem is, that I don't know how to verify my ideas in easy/fast way. The "suggestions" that I get from the internet is : "Test them!" And I know, that on AI project the most important think is testing,... BUT:If a model take 1 week to train, then it is very time consuming and expensive (specially if you do it for a client)So, what is the best way to test idea in faster way, so that you spend long testing time jus...Read more

ai design - How can a virtual reality system be made artificially intelligent?

I am currently working on a Virtual reality project that aims at creating a VR based simulation environment for educational purposes. I am aiming to make it artificially intelligent as well so it that may provide better simulation environment experience for students for better understanding. How can I achieve this? Furthermore, are there any systems available which may help me in achieving this?...Read more

ai design - State of the art and possible development of judging AIs in laws field

I'd like a general explanation of that in AIs that were to mimic judges, prosecutors or lawyers, on very general terms they would act on this way for each case:A judge AI would give a verdict, having the following input:All sources of law that have some relationship with the act being judged, knowing the relative importance of each of that sources.All the facts presented to it, being theorically able to distinguish if some fact were false if there are enough evidence for that.Prosecutors AI would act into searching the facts that would most hel...Read more

ai design - Admissible and consistent heuristics

I am wondering about a problem that I was given to solve:Given circular trail divided by n segments(n>2) labeled 0..n-1. In the beginning an agent is at the start of segment number 0 (the edge between segments n-1 and 0) and the agent's speed (M) is 0 segments per minute.At the start of each minute the agent take one of three actions:speed up: the agent's speed increases by 1 segment per minute.slow down: the agent's speed decreases by 1 segment per minute.keep the same speed: stay on same speed.The action slow down cannot be used if current s...Read more